Disney Deletes Streaming Movie Released Only in May 2023

deleting shows and movies just to save some taxThe trend, which has been fluctuating on the major streaming networks, has taken a ridiculous new turn with the film’s removal. Crater From Disney Plus. Crater Released on May 12, 2023.

The plan – and Disney didn’t confirmed crater deleted for that, but why else would it be: media companies learned they could write off the value of their “content assets” by removing TV shows and movies from their streaming platforms, which is the total tax receipt. It also reduces the license fees these companies pay..

It’s a brutal strategy that showcases how much Hollywood is invaded by executives who care more about Wall Street than their companies produce, and it’s incredibly depressing not just for those who work on those shows/movies, but for the fans as well. Anyone who can appreciate that not everything has to be an instant blockbuster for everything to have meaning and impact.

Until last week, there were also shows and movies released at Disney and other studios that were culled. A little recently, but for those performing below expectations such as the 2022s Willow And A: The Last Man (which I like!). That was bad, but Disney’s decision to delete Crater-just released seven weeks ago– peeing.

crater | Official Trailer | Disney+

The movie, a family sci-fi adventure, is in every way Good. Nothing extraordinary, but anyone involved will not be ashamed of anything either. Mckenna Grace starred in the latest movie. Ghost Hunters movie and Handmaid’s TaleAlong with Billy Barratt (Apple’s dangerously underrated Infestation) and Kid Cudi. People who were interested said it was fun and also had a sad ending, and what else do you need or expect from a movie Disney made for kids that was sent directly to a streaming service.

I mean, you expect the movie to circulate and be enjoyed by people in the months and years to come. But now it’s gone. There is no way to watch this movie legally. As if it never existed. One of the major selling points of streaming services was that they would eliminate piracy. Now, here we are, only a few years later, and a ton of TV shows and movies are going to be piracy the only way. will never be saved.



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