Yoko Taro’s New Anime Aims To Be Brave, Brave Surprise

During an Anime Expo interview, I spoke with creators Yoko Taro (NieR Vending Machines), Atsushi Okubo (Firepower), Hiroyuki Sesita (ajin) and the only name Jin (Kagerou Project) about how they got together to make the upcoming anime sci fi death game anime, KamiErabi GOD.App.

Inside KamiErabi GOD.App High school students will compete in a series of deathmatches for the chance to be crowned the new god of their world. while the premise KamiErabi GOD.App. narratively similar Future Diaryits creators say its world is getting even crazier.

“I mean, it’s really crazy. The world we live in is already crazy. I mean, it’s crazy. And what we’re doing is basically matching the world we live in,” said Director Seshita. kotaku. “From the very beginning we were saying, ‘Okay, let’s do it that way’. [the anime feels like] Strange things have been happening from the beginning. And every time we worked on it, we tried to make sure we added a little bit of craziness to it because it fits our world.

On the contrary KamiErabi GOD.AppCompared to the death game premise, Seshita said that the anime better fits the fantasy genre. You can do check the trailer.

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How KamiErabi GOD.AppThe creators of anime team up for anime

While the core of the anime promises a crazy ride, what’s even crazier is the collaboration between the people who work on the show given their busy schedules. When I asked how the quartet got together for the anime, Taro, whom the others consider to be the one running the collaboration, replied that it was all because of the booze.

“When I realized that Seshita-san would be involved – I was really a fan of her work – I thought we’d at least go have a drink and see what happens,” Taro said.

Taro waved when summoned as leader KamiErabi GOD.AppHe said that each creator’s “strong individual characteristics” are equally helpful in the planning process for the anime. Taro credited Seshita’s experience making video games with computer graphics and 3D animation, as well as the great production teams that coordinated each creator as a grounded force.

“If we weren’t in this situation where we’re looking for something different or transitive in our careers, maybe [KamiErabi GOD.App] it wouldn’t be, but I think it was great,” said Taro. “We were all doing things our own way. After we all got together and really joined forces, everything miraculously came together.”

Jin and Ohkubo were told to be brave and go crazy. KamiErabi GOD.App

Taro noted that Seshita’s guidance was a critical part of their collaborative creative process in helping character designer Ohkubo and series composer Jin, young “passionate” artists accustomed to creating on their own, by instructing them to make new anime series. A bold and provocative new experience for audiences.

“For me, [working on KamiErabi GOD.App] It was actually a feeling of complete irresponsibility. I have never felt the pressure of responsibility, as it is literally. It was just so much fun,” Ohkubo said. “But if we didn’t whip ass [Seshita] It wouldn’t have happened to be responsible and get the team in shape.”

Jin who wrote and wrote music for Kagerou Project On his own, he said he wanted the producers to help shape his role on the project. KamiErabi GOD.App a show that shaped it and turned it into an anime would “work”. However, when Seshita approached him, Jin said he wanted him to put 100% of his assets into creating something “really bold and daring” that would surprise people.

“The thing is, in Japan, someone says to you, ‘Okay, do whatever you want, right? Everything goes. Everything is fine.’ Usually they don’t mean it. However, in my case, I literally trusted their word. I said, ‘Literally anything happens.’ I’ll do whatever I want,” said Jin. “And when I did, the director and producer said to me, ‘Wow, that’s a bit of sugoi. ‘ They said they were a little surprised.”

Until the last second of work KamiErabi GOD.AppJin said he needed to push his limits while working on the anime to ensure that it met the expectations of both himself and his creative friends.

“I think the momentum we had as a team and the individual traits we brought were what made it successful,” Jin said.

KamiErabi GOD.App It is scheduled to air on Crunchyroll in October.

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