Former GTA Giant Announces Suicidal NPC, Ghost Cars and Crashing Planes

A former developer of Rockstar North, the studio behind the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto Franchise reveals why planes sometimes land GTA San Andreas It would hit the player’s side randomly. He also gave some insight into why a certain NPC in the game was taking photos and walking off a cliff to his death.

Late last year, former Rockstar North developer Obbe Vermeij published fascinating blogs chronicling Rockstar’s development. past GTA games and original manhunt. These posts are full of interesting information and details about how these video games are created. However Vermeij later deleted the posts as a volunteer. He has since been posting similar details on Twitter about how the games are played. GTA San Andreas And Vice City developed, and their latest post pulls back the curtain on two fan-favorite legends.

Why do planes randomly spawn and crash near you?

First, on April 2, Vermeij shared a long but informative post on Twitter explaining why the planes were landing. san andreas It will fall from the sky for seemingly no reason, crash, and then explode near the player. if you played san andreas If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve probably encountered this situation at least a few times. It is also notorious for causing problems. fast runs.

According to Vermeij’s postthe developers wanted small planes to periodically fly past the player. He created a code that would look for obstacles in a plane’s path before it appeared. However, to save time, he scanned only a small section of the front of the plane. This means that sometimes long, thin objects are missed and planes fly into these trees or power poles and crash into them. And since the game tries to spawn these planes near the player, you’re always close to these random crashes.

Vermeij also explained that sometimes these resulting “fly-by” planes can lose some altitude if they emerge at the wrong speed. There were also some issues with the flow of the map on buildings and other large models. Sometimes the plane was created before a great mountain or tower appeared; this meant that the aircraft was produced with an “immortal flight path”.

“I was aware of the accidents and briefly considered eliminating flights altogether,” Vermeij added.

But thankfully he didn’t, and these strange planes led to plenty of hilarious moments in speed runs, let’s play games, and random sessions. San Andreas. I know a plane put me on a dirt bike while I was trying to jump off a large mountain in the game’s desert. Damn plane!

Following the announcement, the highlights are as follows: GTA modder and coder Silent further explained These planes crash more often than they should due to collision detection error, Something Vermeij didn’t know As confirmed on Twitter.

And no, your luck has nothing to do with planes crashing near you. Vermeij verified. This is just an internet myth.

Why this NPC san andreas he is jumping off the cliff

After publishing the statement about why the planes landed GTA San Andreas Many fans asked more questions about the game, investigating why crashes happen so frequently and why it happens near the player. GTA San Andreas After all, it’s full of strange myths and urban legends..

One that caught my attention was when he asked about a particular NPC in San Andreas who sometimes spawns on a cliff near the ocean, takes photos, and then walks into the water (and to his death). If you look online, you can find old videos of people documenting this creepy NPC; usually has scary music in the background.

GTA San Andreas Suicide Photographer

So what’s going on here? Apparently the developers GTA San Andreas It used what are known as “attractors”, which are in-game items such as ATMs or chairs that NPCs would gravitate towards after completing a scripted activity or action.

What’s likely happening here is that the NPC takes a photo, and after completing this “action” looks for a nearby tow truck or route to the tow truck and heads in that direction. Vermeij suggested that the nearest tow truck for this suicidal NPC may be across the water, leading to this creepy behavior.

In another post Vermeij verified the Fan theory about ghost cars born in san andreas It is the result of cars appearing up steep hills and then rolling downhill, creating the illusion of a self-driving but empty car.

Oh, one more GTA While the urban legend is here. When asked if Bigfoot is real, Vermeij said nothe primate is not inside GTA San Andreas. But it confirmed that it exists in the real world. Good to know!




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