How to Beat Rufus Shinra?

In what has to be one of the most frustrating battle scenes Final Fantasy VII RebirthPresident Rufus Shinra shows up to take Cloud to task one on one match On the Golden Plate in Episode 12. Final Fantasy VII RemakeRufus is a fast and deadly opponent. However, it is very edible if you apply the right techniques.

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Rufus’ fight will force you to dodge attacks compared to other fights. Rebirthand you need to look for important openings to attack.

Three-step solution to fight Rufus

When fighting Rufus, you’ll need to exercise some restraint and patience, locking onto open windows of opportunity. His attacks deal a frightening amount of damage, are fast, and can easily counterattack and stun you. Here are three tips to keep in mind when fighting Rufus Shinra.

I’m telling you you gotta dodge bullets

Be prepared to do a lot of circling to avoid Rufus’ various attacks. In fact, I recommend spending time getting used to reliably dodging their attacks before you start attacking them. Fighting Rufus is almost like multitasking, and you’ll have to rely on your dodges, almost on autopilot, as you look for openings to attack him.

Once you’re getting used to dodging his attacks, it’s time to take advantage of Cloud’s ranged attack to start raising your ATB gauge.

Fill your ATB with Cloud’s ranged attacks

Cloud has a pretty good ranged attack; Although it is not very powerful with every hit, it has a lot of benefits. After hitting the circle and then immediately hitting the square, Cloud will release a beam from his sword that will fly towards a target (make sure it locks on to your opponent with R3). If you hold the square, he will physically fly towards his opponent. This last part can get you in trouble with Rufus as he is likely to counterattack.

Of course, you can keep spamming Rufus and then press a few frames to keep attacking him, but Cloud’s blade beams don’t do much damage. Instead, they’re more useful for boosting Cloud’s ATB, which you should be ready to use as soon as Rufus starts reloading. After a while, Rufus will also become immune to this attack, so you’ll want to attack just enough to recharge your ATB, then let Rufus do his own attack, after which he’ll probably need to reload.

Rufus’s reload animation leaves him extremely vulnerable

Rufus is very brutal when it comes to counterattacking, but if you wait to attack him while he’s reloading, you can Pressure him easily. The reload animation (accompanied by the word Reload above its head) is your window of opportunity. Not only do you need to constantly avoid his attacks, but you also need to stay within range to be ready for the attacks. Using his ATB Abilities More Brave and Focused Push will also push him further into Stunned; It’s a good idea to set up and memorize shortcuts for these attacks; especially Focused Push, which will send Cloud towards him.

gif: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Also, if you wait for him to actually perform his Reload action, you can often be too late by the time Cloud performs his attack and find yourself being punished by Rufus’ counter move. Note that it always reloads after certain attacks with the weapon. If you manage to avoid it, we found that right after Rufus deployed Guns Akimbo was a particularly good opportunity to get in close and land a few hits.

A few other considerations

You to be Poison Rufus with Bio. It doesn’t deal massive amounts of damage, but can slowly drain his HP. Also, pretending is valuable Haste and/or protective spells such as Barrier/Protect yourself. Note that Rufus has no core weaknesses, so feel free to use Cloud’s features. material slots for material This will increase its overall combat performance and Healing spells like Regen.

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Note that you can access the main menu by holding frame during the cutscene between the Elena/Rude fight and Rufus’ fight. If you just want to restart the battle with Rufus, select “Try Again From”: This War” After pausing the game and selecting Retry.

A red-eyed dog-like creature opens its mouth to reveal sharp teeth.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

What to do with Darkstar

Rufus has an extremely annoying greyhound friend. When Rufus’s health is reduced to almost half, he will join the battle. You will notice that there is a connection between the two and that breaking this connection will stress the hound.

Focus on eliminating Darkstar as quickly as possible. Crying at him will raise your ATB. I recommend avoiding using Triple Strike, as this could possibly cause Cloud to attack Rufus, risking a counterattack that will cost you HP and time.

The colosseum battle in Episode 12 definitely borders on sensory overload, with loud music and the constant chatter of the announcers. In some ways, this increases the difficulty of taking down the former president’s son. But dodging his attacks and attacking when the moment is right will keep you out of this battle and on your way to the final moments of this epic RPG.



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