Best Gaming Tips of the Week, From BG3 to Assassin’s Creed

Video games make the world a better place. We’ve got great deals on Xbox Series X, a new romance option without the genocide Baldur’s Gate 3, and evil strong Marvel Snap Decks for your reviewing pleasure.

Here are the tips and deals we found most useful this week.

one of the best Assassin’s Creed Games Are Free on PC

An assassin looks down on his potential victims.

Picture: Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed SyndicateThe 2015 entry in the Ubisoft stealth adventure series, set in 19th-century London and featuring dual heroes, is now free on PC until December 6th. There’s only one change: You’ll need to get it from the Ubisoft Connect launcher (insert fear emoji). Don’t hate the messenger. Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch Now Lets You Recruit Minthara Without Mass Murder

Minthara stands in the Moonrise Towers.

Picture: Larian Studios

Minthara is one of them Baldur’s Gate 3‘s most interesting companions, but only a select few tend to see much of the Drow Paladin in their games, as recruiting him usually requires you to help him slaughter Tiefling refugees. Despite this, fans found this: creative workarounds to recruit him without having to engage in genocide.but in Baldur’s Gate 3fifth patchLarian has implemented a simplified way to add him to your team. Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3The Best Reason to Play the New Patch More

Shep, Karlach, Gale, and Shadowheart board a boat in a dark cave.

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

Baldur’s Gate 3‘S Patch 5 brings more reasons than ever to return to Larian Studios’ excellent RPG with new modes and, most importantly, a new epilogue set six months after the main game. Read more

60 Games Killed and 2023 Isn’t Over Yet [Update]

A collage of various characters from various dead games.

Picture: Arika / Bandai Namco Online / Digerati / EA / Gameloft / Secret Location / Ratloop Games / Square Enix / Hi-Rez / Good Luck Games LLC / Gun Media / Polyphony Digital / Warlogics / Sharkmob / Yager Development / Kotaku

We’re still heading into 2023, and a surprising number of games have already ended with developers announcing their impending demise. Normally we would make a reservation This list for the year-end summary, but we’re sounding the death knell early because with 15 games already lined up for public play, we need to start paying our respects now. So let’s get right into it. Read more

Say Goodbye to 2023 with Games in December

gif: Square Enix / Vertigo Games / Warner Bros. /Ubisoft/Cygames/Nintendo

Yes friends, the last 31 days of 2023 are approaching. Although I predict you’ll probably pick your personal game of the year alreadyThere’s still time for more games to hit physical and virtual shelves, and maybe one of them will be a nice send-off to a crazy year full of great games. Read more

Xbox Series

For all saves, the top of the Xbox Series X glows green.

Picture: Microsoft

It’s no secret that the Xbox Series For a short time today, Amazon was selling: star field machine for as low as $350. Read more

Kotaku’s Weekend Guide: 8 Games to Welcome December

Jesse Faden from Control, a sinister species from Mediterranea Inferno, and a character from World of Warcraft are arranged in a collage.

Picture: Remedy Entertainment/Eyeguys/Blizzard

Hello again! We are in the last month of the controversial One of the most impressive years in gaming in recent memory. So when you find yourself trying to get some gaming done at the end of the week, how can you choose between the embarrassment of riches released only this year? Read more

Crush Your Enemies and Look Like You’re Flying Do It With This Marvel Snap Deck

Crush Your Enemies and Be Seen Flying with This Marvel Snap Deck

NYC’s one and only crime Kingpin tops this list of manipulative, action-based decks

This Marvel Snap There’s a Convoluted, Devastating Combo on Deck

This Marvel Snap Deck Has a Sneaky and Devastating Combo

Hydra’s resident mad scientist tops the list of a destruction-focused deck that will leave your opponents feeling some way

Week in Games: Dark Knights and Dark Princes

Week in Games: Dark Knights and Dark Princes

a new Dragon Quest, Pixel CafeAnd SteamWorld Structure It’s falling this week too



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