Dragon’s Dogma 2 Players Really Want to Kiss Their Pawns

Dragon’s Dogma 2Capcom’s latest high fantasy action role-playing game lets you romance any non-player character. From a city leader to a town idiot, a brothel landlord to a young blacksmith, there’s plenty of love between you as Arisen and the many NPCs in the game. You can’t have love with pawnsBut it’s a disappointing reality for many players who beg to date their loyal servant.

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Inside Dragon’s Dogma 2you can upgrade level of intimacy with almost everyone you come into contact with. Doing things for the characters you encounter makes them love you more, which increases their bond with you in terms of the game’s romance system. Save an elf’s sister from an angry monster? That elf will fall in love with you and may eventually ask you out. Would you give a bouquet of flowers to an herbalist? Likewise, that herbalist will also develop an affection for you. Sorry Pawns, (mostly) obedient servants of the game The things you create or hire are not part of this love equation. No matter what you do, travel far with them or shower them with gifts, they will never be romantic. Although such actions increase the level of intimacy with you, some players still want a fling with their faithful servants.

Reddit user floopydoop90 asked, “Why can’t we romance our pawns?” asked. A post in r/DragonsDogma this is slowly gaining traction. “We spent every second together. They greet us after resting in our beds. We create these with an incredibly powerful character creator. Romancing your pawn can have useful combat or support buffs. Greater heals, more powerful attacks when done together.”

“Are pawns romantic anymore?” asked redditor Talia_Rosethorn on r/DragonsDogma: homeA video in which your pawns blush when they talk. “My daughter is showing signs of maximum intimacy and so far there are almost no posts about it.”

“I spent 50k on changing hairstyles and hair colors and now my main pawn blushes when we talk,” Reddit user Infamous_Touch2339 said. An image of his pawns blushing just like Talia_Rosethorn did. “Is there a secret romance with the pawns?”

Like the 2012 game, you can’t romance Pawns Dragon’s Dogma 2. There’s no obvious reason, but the theory is that you can’t date them because their sole purpose is to help you, the Arisens, get back what’s rightfully yours, and it might be a little weird if the game lets you. Date someone who has no soul or will of his own. Still, that didn’t stop one redditor from claiming there were hints that Arisen and her Pawns weren’t keeping things exactly platonic.

Reddit writer TianAnMen_8964 theorizes, “Players are always alone with their main pawns in their own home, sleeping at the same time and most likely sleeping in the same bed, plus the main pawns sometimes blush before and after sleep.” a long article on r/Dragons Dogma. “I think the implication is very clear. Of course, you can still think the opposite in your head, but I don’t think you can [deny] tips. And yes, I want a pawn love update, how did you know?”

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I wondered the same thing once when I saw my main Pawn hovering above me in bed, her cheeks flushed as she talked about loving the “quiet moments” she shared with me. It’s a little weird, though, because my Pawn is modeled after my cat, and no matter how many times she saves me from dragon griffin attacks, I definitely wouldn’t want to date or sleep with my cat. We’re just monster-slaying partners. Not more. After all, I’m just Arisen, not Bachelor.



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