It’s Time to Prove Chucky Can Really Kick Ass

80s horror icon Chucky has a massive kill count; But that doesn’t stop the opponents from thinking they can easily defeat the deadly baby.

“He is literally the size of a toddler,” one post on Reddit read. thousands of upvotes say.

“I guess as long as I have some sort of broom or long stick to deflect an attack and keep Chucky out of a 6-foot radius of my person, I’ll be safe,” he reasoned 2014 Gizmodo to post.

Asymmetrical survival horror game Died in Daylight It offers a tremendous opportunity to like-minded people. Chucky joins as the latest playable Killer; It’s time to defeat him in combat.

Speaking for myself—six feet tall, prone to anxious sweating, poor hand-eye coordination—I couldn’t beat Chucky in a fight. He is the spirit of a serial killer who was transported and imprisoned in a baby boy with flushed orange hair and waxy cheeks. Like what’s going on? I’m 5’7″ and you think I’ll win against the eternal human evil made even more evasive by the feigning of youth? I do not think so.

But I know he’s small. I’m sure I could get one kick in before I remembered that I had made physical contact with a possessed doll and started sweating so much that my eyes burned and I collided with the wall and passed out. DbD Developer Behavior Interactive also recognizes Chucky’s size. “This is a character I never thought we could bring to life. [the game] Because of its size,” said Mathieu Côté, head of partnerships, in a press release. But “the team went above and beyond to prove me wrong.”

In Dead by Daylight, the Bride of Chucky stands with a knife.

Picture: Behavior Interactive

DbD Players will be able to take advantage of tiny Chucky (voiced, as always, by actor Brad Dourif) for a particularly cheeky style of play. Being waist high, his unique Scamper ability allows him to slip under disabled pallets and easily escape through open windows. You can use its stealth to lock Survivor characters in the pressure cooker; When it’s time to get aggressive, Chucky’s fast sprint Slice & Dice special attack will terrorize them. When they fall, the human ghost appears and assists tall people with tasks such as impaling survivors on sacrificial hooks and dealing with generator repairs.

“It adds a very fun jump scare flavor to the game, and its voice-overs add dark comedy to the gameplay,” game designer Jason Guzzo said in the press release. Died in Daylight.”

She, along with her Bride of Chucky appearance (voiced by original actress Jennifer Tilly) DbD November 28th, but you can play Steam test build now through November 13th. Let me know how you are.



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