Hitman Devs Had to Convince Bond Owners That Its Game Wasn’t an FPS

An image shows the cover art for Goldeneye on the N64.

Picture: Nintendo / Eon Productions / Rare

We’ve known about IO Interactive, the studio behind fantasy games, for a while now. hitman games, working on something new James Bond game. And even though this team seems like a perfect match and a new team To connect The game seems long overdue, according to IOI the team had to reassure the people who own the espionage franchise that they wouldn’t make another FPS to convince them to hand over the rights.

Golden Eye 007 It is one of the most famous and beloved video games in history on the Nintendo 64. It made FPS games popular on consoles, sold over eight million copiesand led to dozens of similar James Bond FPS games. I would argue that the games helped grow the series’ audience. With all that said, you’d think that Eon Productions, which owns the Bond franchise, would be excited about a new game based on the popular spy. But according to the developers behind it, that wasn’t the case, and you can blame that. Golden Eye For this.

In the newest edition Edge magazine, As reported by GamesRadarHakan Abrak and Christian Elverdam, co-owners of IO Interactive, talked about the game that is still in development 007 the game details their vision for the project. However, the duo also explained that Eon Productions needed a lot of convincing to sign on to the project, as Bond owners did not want another “action-oriented” FPS.

“Our impression was clearly that: [at the time] They weren’t looking for a game,” said IO Interactive CEO and co-owner Hakan Abrak. “And I think it’s fair that they weren’t too happy with some of the later games.”

Co-owners of IO Interactive pitched a less costly James Bond game to Eon Productions. Golden Eye and more about being a globe-trotting, stealth-focused spy. Elverdam explained that he focused on how to make his presentation for Eon. 007 The project will be about getting in and out of a place without causing too much collateral damage or resorting to violence unless necessary. In other words, IO Interactive’s project won’t be about Bond running down endless corridors with 20 guns and shooting everyone he encounters, which is how I’d describe the vast majority of the project. 007 Instead, games made in the last 20 years seem to play more like this: hitman Games where violence is often a last resort and stealth is king.

Elverdam told Edge that this approach “helps” [IO Interactive] Convince Eon that how we handle agent fantasy is too complicated.” This seems enough to give the green light and let IO do its thing To connect project. And honestly, after playing so much To connect shooters, I’m looking forward to a more stealth-oriented spy game. I said this before IOI is the best developer I can’t wait to make a modern 007 game, and I can’t wait to finally see what the studio is working on. Project 007.




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