Roblox Players Say Pro-Palestinian Games Have Been Removed

Two weeks ago, hundreds of roblox players jumped into a special game He allowed them to attend a pro-Palestinian march. Game apparently organized by Malaysians roblox The cast was made in response to increasing violence in the Middle East. On October 7, the Islamic political and military organization Hamas was attacked, kidnapped and Killed approximately 1,400 Israeli citizens. Since then Israel More than 18,000 tons of explosives were reportedly dropped In the six-mile-wide Gaza Strip, home to more than 2 million Palestinians.

roblox is a game creation system that allows players to create their own shareable games for others to enjoy online, and the pro-Palestinian march attracted a lot of attention. People took to social media to share their stories. one person says Their teenage cousins ​​joined the virtual march because they were too young to go to a march in person. Others said the march was a sign that “the kids are okay.” The game featured a large, open square with Palestinian flags and the words “Lonely Untukmu” (Malay for “Solidarity for You”) written at one end.

On November 5, an X (formerly Twitter) user said, Kaali Hussain shared: “My daughter just told me that all marches have been canceled because they have been reported for hate speech and antisemitism,” he wrote. A commenter responded and said: roblox The games they played, which included pro-Palestinian marches, also disappeared. “First the video in the video was removed, then the second one was privatized,” they claim.

A. roblox the spokesman said Kotaku via email that one of the experiences referenced is “still alive” and can be found at this link. However, the spokesperson notes that “the experience is set to custom mode, a setting chosen by the game’s creator.” When asked about reports that more pro-Palestinian experiences have been removed, roblox The spokesperson could neither confirm nor deny without specific details about the game itself, which I couldn’t find online.

The same person who claimed that a pro-Palestinian game was removed roblox Because he said “FREE PALESTINE”. They shared a screenshot of this warning on flow roblox Community Standards. The note reads: “roblox does not allow support for current political candidates, parties, or relevant flags or symbols.”

However, a spokesperson for Roblox clarified the situation via email, writing: “The phrase ‘Free Palestine’ complies with Roblox’s Community Standards and is indeed permitted on our platform. It is considered an expression of solidarity to the extent permitted by our rules. Community Standards and is not considered prohibited political content.”

It’s not clear why the description in the original poster was flagged.

Update 11/06/2023 19:00 ET: The story has been updated with a new quote from a Roblox spokesperson.



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