Among Us Goose Game Crosses Over with Undertale and Celeste

Indie multiplayer super hit among us brings together a number of other popular indie games; The story below, Untitled Goose GameAnd Celeste—In a giant cosmetic pack that can be purchased in-game until February 2024.

among usA 2D cartoonish multiplayer focused game where players must figure out who can be trusted and who is a murderous crook. We grew a lot in 2020 thanks to Twitch. But the game, developed by small studio Innersloth, was actually released in 2018 to little fanfare. One time among us exploded on the internet developers dealt with burnout and pressure as they updated it and ported it to more platforms. It can now be played almost anywhere and has a large audience that devours every update, including the latest ones, making it a collection of best-selling indie gems.

on November 28 developer Innersloth announces “Indie Cosmicube” A new cosmetic pack for among us Featuring outfits inspired by seven different indie games: Untitled Goose Game, Undertale, Tomb of the NecroDancer, Celeste, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, And A Hat in Time. Players will need 7,000 beans—freely earned in-game currency—to get this cosmetic pack. Once purchased, they must equip the pack and make matches to unlock all outfits and items within the pack.

“Our team was excited to bring these styles: [these games] to life in among ussaid Innersloth. “They are independent. We are independent. like that Spider Man meme, but instead of pointing, we cry because we love each other’s work so much.”

In total this new cosmetic pack includes 25 hats, 18 skins, 12 nameplates, 9 visors and 6 pets. If you do the math, assuming you include the option to not wear certain things, this single cosmetic pack offers up to 8,091,720 possible visual combinations.

among usThe new cosmetic set won’t be around forever, though. Players only need to earn 7,000 beans by February 2024 and purchase the pack before it leaves the in-game store.




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