How to Disable Chargers, Guides, and More

A man screams as he watches bugs eat his family off-screen.

Screenshot: Arrowhead Games / Kotaku

A random player and I are surrounded by giant, alien insects that want to rip out our guts and eat our bones. We’re trying to destroy their nest in a rocky crater on a stagnant alien planet. Low on ammunition, out of medical supplies, and not sure what to do next, it seems we’re in dire straits. But this Hell Divers 2We have powerful tools like a massive air strike or an automatic turret. My teammate launches the air strike before me, runs into the fray, drops the gun at his feet and starts throwing grenades. “Get out of here! I’m taking them with me!” he screams. I leap over an angry dog-sized bug and leap out of the crater, followed by explosions and gunfire. Then there’s a big one. boom. I’m returning. He did. He saved the day, killing two dozen insects and destroying their disgusting nests. —Zack Zwiezen

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