You Shouldn’t Cook Your Steam Deck Even on Thanksgiving

A very baked Steam Deck.

Photograph: MisterColeman/Reddit

Slow news day? I am sure. But hey, it’s Thanksgiving, and there’s a good chance people will cook and eat just about anything they can find right now. Please, if we can save just one person from trying to cook their Steam Deck it will be worth it.

As reported by dexertoA Reddit user discovered that leaving Valve’s amazing handheld on a hot stove caused it to unexpectedly heat up. Still with me? And the fact that it’s made of plastic and hot isn’t his favorite thing.

There is something about this picture that tells the whole story magnificently. But if more detail is needed, MisterColeman wrote on the r/SteamDeck subreddit: “Do not let your steam deck come into contact with the stove.”

On closer inspection, the insides don’t appear to be overcooked; The main damage (other than the chassis, of course) is on the two rear right bumpers. Although who knows what little cables (I’m not a technollegee) might have melted in the process.

Even better was that MisterColeman shamelessly went to Steam Deck Support and asked if they could help. In an update, he wrote: “Steam Deck Support said they had no help from them and that the repair would cost more than buying a new Steam Deck. I think it’s just a new battery and backplate. Maybe not even a new battery. We’ll see.”

Come on Valve! Without dismissing this as a design flaw, what do you think? How could this void the warranty? I’m sure it’s there some There’s a little write-up about not overheating the device somewhere, I bet it doesn’t specifically say “Do not fry”.

For the avoidance of doubt, here are other things you need to know shouldn’t Do the following with your Steam Deck:

  • You shouldn’t steam your Steam Deck, no matter how much you might feel like you want to.
  • Although it may seem like an overtone, you should not use your Steam Deck as a flooring.
  • You shouldn’t compare your Steam Deck to a Nintendo Switch.


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