Survivor Has Better Lightsaber Than The First Game

A screenshot shows a Jedi holding a blue lightsaber in midair.

Screenshot: Lucasfilm / EA

upcoming new game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Apparently, unlike the first game, the sequel will eventually allow Jedi Cal Kestis to slice through stormtroopers and other human enemies. And that’s a good thing, because this much-requested change makes lightsabers feel powerful and deadly again.

The lightsaber is one of the coolest pieces. Star wars technology and truly one of the best fictional weapons ever created. Instantly iconic weapons and their sounds are so ingrained in our minds that adult gamers Star wars movies or shows are given a prop lightsaber they make all the hum and hum like it’s eight years old again. And I don’t blame anyone for loving the lightsaber. It is a powerful laser sword that can amputate limbs, pierce metal doors, and is brightly colored. What more could you want? But for a long time many Star wars games included 2019s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order– I didn’t let you Really Slice and chop with these iconic laser blades, treating them more like glowing bats.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Combat Stances Announced

However, in the new game released by IGN We saw yesterday that this is not so. Survivor. In a neat video explaining how the game’s combat stances work, the developers show Cal fighting different enemies while explaining how his various moves will work and how stances affect combat.

All good and beautiful. But what is more interesting to me is what happened during the war against some Imperial reconnaissance troops. around 4:14 pm:

GIF: IGN / EA / Lucasfilm / Kotaku

Look at this! Cal just cut off a man’s leg. And if you look at the ground at that point in the video, you can probably see at least two more amputated limbs from earlier in the fight. This is exciting!

kotaku EA and Respawn have been reached out regarding this fragmentation and have been told “What the Records are” and the publisher will not make any further comments.

For long years, Star wars games made lightsabers feel pretty weak Killing a random enemy can often take dozens of hits, and you can never amputate limbs or deal true damage to your target unless you’re a droid or random animal. In an interview in 2019Respawn senior designer Justin Perez seemed to imply that Lucasfilm and Disney’s lightsabers were not suitable for cutting off arms or legs. This was further supported by the people working on season 7. Clone Warsmentioned in this IGN 2019 interview.

So, I assumed that’s how things work. Cal could kill any innocent animals and aliens he wanted., but it could not cut off any limb of the stormtroopers. But it looks like Disney and Lucasfilm have either relaxed that rule or allowed Respawn.

Either way, I’m excited to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and cut some legs when it came out for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on April 28, 2023.



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