The Creator of Calvin & Hobbes Is Back With A New Book After Decades

The black and white images in the book show spooky men and fantastic images.

picture: Bill Watterson / John Kascht / Simon & Schuster

Bill Watterson responsible for the decade Calvin and Hobbes comic bookretiring for a new picture storybook, mysterieswill be released this October. Just in time for the spooky season.

From 1985 Watterson wrote and drew. Calvin and Hobbes, a funny and sometimes heartwarming newspaper comic series about a young boy and his imaginary tiger, until the strip abruptly ends in 1995. . announced in 2010 in a rare interview Ten years after writing and drawing the strip, she said she had said “almost anything” she wanted and that “it’s always better to leave the party early.” Since then he mostly out of the public eye and did very few projects – the most notable and newest three-day guest run in the comics Pearls Before Pig in 2014.

But the reclusive and legendary comic book creator is returning from retirement for a big and surprising new project, an illustrated storybook for adults. To help him officially create this book Mysterys has partnered with Watterson cartoonist John Kascht. Here is the synopsis provided by the publisher for the book:

In a fairy tale written for adults by cartoonist Bill Watterson, a kingdom long ago grapples with unexplained disasters. Hoping to end the torture, the king sends his knights to discover the source of the mysterious events. Years later, a single battered knight returns.

According to the book’s publisher, Simon and Schuster, the two artists have been working on the book “in an unusually close collaboration” for years, experimenting with new ways of creating work and images, calling the whole process “mysterious… by itself.” ”

There isn’t much to share about the upcoming book. $20 for October 10. But if you jump on it Official page on Simon and Schuster’s websiteyou can see some pictures Mysteries. Compared to previous work Calvin and Hobbes and other projects, this one seems to be darker and more foreboding. The artwork shared so far looks very different from anything the famous creator has been involved with before, and it makes me very excited to see what Watterson and Kascht have created. October can’t come early enough!



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