Microsoft Reportedly Made An AI That Plays Minecraft For You

Minecraft characters are seen standing on a hill with animals and some other creepy reptiles.

picture: mojang

Most of the science fiction genre would have you believe that AI would rise up and slaughter its creators, causing the downfall of humanity, but the recent boom in AI technology has turned into business crimes instead. journalistic error And stealing artists’ commissions. So, while AI is mostly used to make creative outdated, Microsoft is apparently doing internal testing on a demo that basically gets the AI ​​to play. minecraft for you.

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According to a report from semaphoredemo recently showcased technology that allows the user to simply say minecraft What to do and according to your instructions he will move your character, collect materials and more. minecraftMojang’s open-ended nature seems a bit overwhelming for the tech, as there are many ways to accomplish a task in Mojang’s game. The example given in the report is building a car. minecraftcan be made in myriad ways, depending on the materials you have on hand. Therefore, saying something broad like “build cars” probably won’t provide as precise in-game action as “build cars out of stone blocks”.

Technology can be interesting and maybe minecraft Semaphore’s sources say it’s more accessible to people who have trouble playing with traditional controllers or with a mouse and keyboard, Microsoft has no plans to implement its AI technology into a public release. minecraft. Such tech demos always happen internally at large companies with no real-world applications. But applying something like AI technology to a mainstream video game minecraft It’s at least a more understandable use of technology rather than “we want to change the human element of an industry so we don’t have to pay people” in a way that might make it easier to play for some people.

Right now this is similar to the voice command technology Microsoft is trying to implement in peripherals like the Kinect motion sensor, which adds sound options to games like the one below. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim And Mass effect 3. But how is it given? turned out badlyIt’s not clear yet if this is something the company plans to pursue in the future or just to try something out.



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