The Sims 4 Has Green Updates Coming This Week at 420

You might be in the mood for some quiet and relaxing time with the EA figure on April 20. Sims 4and introduces a host of new items and structures to help with that.

The updates will focus on two locations: the greenhouse, which will allow you to grow plants indoors away from prying eyes, and the basement, where you can sit and hang out on old furniture away from prying eyes.

Greenhouse is new and something fans have been asking about for a while. You will be able to build one and grow all kinds of plants in it, making it an interesting but also practical addition to your home.

“Create a quiet retreat and spend quality time at the factory with The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit,” EA says of the addition. “Arrange your perfect planting workspace, soak up the serene greenery and fulfill your garden fantasies”.

The Sims 4 Greenhouse Paradise Kit provides a Sim with a peaceful haven from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. Sims can create a peaceful and serene greenhouse in their home with a lively and versatile garden decoration.

From walking through a messy greenhouse to resting alone among the greenery, The Sims 4 Greenhouse Paradise The kit offers something for every Sim, green-fingered or not, in this new, private garden area.

Sims can design their dream greenhouse with beautiful glass pane windows and doors that fit together perfectly. At the gardening house, Sims can decorate their space with a multitude of garden objects, including starter seedlings, pot stacks, planting table, hanging flower baskets, and more.

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picture: EA

Also arriving on April 20 is the Basement Treasures Kit, a hardware kit containing “forgotten favorites and hand-to-hand jewellery” that “has gotten old and worn out from lots of use and love.” “creating new memories from old memories that add some history to your decor”.

The Sims 4 Bodrum Treasures The kit encourages Sims to create the classic second-hand basement room, inviting Sims to deviate from the pristine and embrace the imperfect with worn and outdated decor. From grandma’s old, worn furniture to thrift finds, every piece has a story and potential for new life.

Sims can return home and relax in their favorite place on worn, ripped and much-loved chairs or sofas from the past. Life is for living – and Sims can walk down memory lane with a milk crate vinyl records, old mugs and family photos, worn swimsuits and more.

From stains to soil and daily wear and tear, there is comfort in what is imperfect, handed down, and lived in. – in items that create a comfortable basement.

Here is a screenshot:

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picture: Fox

Wait, no, here’s a screenshot:

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picture: EA

The updates are coming to all platforms on April 20 and cost around $5 each.



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