Apex Legends’ Team Deathmatch Helps Break New Player Record

Apex Legends' desktop wallpaper shows Lifeline helping an injured Legend.

I guess you could say TDM is Apex Legends‘ lifeline. ๐Ÿ‘ˆ(๏พŸใƒฎ๏พŸ๐Ÿ‘ˆ)
Illustration: Apex Legends (Respawn Fun)

Respawn Entertainment’s popular free-to-play hero shooter is just in time to celebrate its fourth anniversary. Apex Legends Reached a new high in concurrent player count on Steam.

As of today, Apex Legends’ The new peak for the number of people playing at the same time is 610,433 players, According to SteamDB. This marks a significant increase over the previous high water limit of 510,000 players reached in August last year. This increase in concurrent players comes shortly after the launch of the game. battle royale season 16It brought a host of changes and new game modes that players were after.

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At the beginning of the new changes Apex Legends It is the replacement of the competitive 3v3 arena mode with the highly anticipated Team Deathmatch option. During the season 16 preview event, Apex Legends‘ design director Evan Nikolich said the removal of 3-vs-3 arenas was partly because “it didn’t meet our goal of being a good place to practice the 3-on-3 core battle cycle.” peakโ€

“Arenas were supposed to be the smaller slice of our BR mod,” said gamemode designer Marty Wong. โ€œAfter all, it was a slightly sweatier, higher stakes mode. Many players felt that they couldn’t make mistakes or really experiment, they always had to play hard. We hope TDM will come along and provide a place for players to die fast and feel comfortable making mistakes. peak much more accessibility for new players.โ€

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Apex LegendsSupport couldn’t have come at a better time, considering that Battle Royale saw a sharp drop in players after the launch of Season 15 in November of last year. For my cows there, Apex LegendsThe number of concurrent players increased from 412,961 on November 24 to 349,798 on December 22.

Apex LegendsTDM is a 6v6 game mode where the first team to score 30 kills wins a round and the first team to get two rounds wins the match. Different Apex Legends right, there is no drop, just the animate inanimate of the enemies and quick respawns.



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