Destiny 2 Has Its Best Season Finale Ever

Crow looks up at the sky to see what happened to the Traveler.

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

There are seasonal endings tended to be anti-climatic Destiny 2. That wasn’t the case with Season of the Seraph, which added the best new season finale quest loot shooters have had since moving from DLC expansions to quarterly updates. The quest itself is cinematic and challenging, while in the ending cutscene players race to unravel its mystery. important implications for light fall.

Two weeks into the release of this expansion, Bungie on Tuesday added a new story mission called Abhorrent Imperative. The description reads, “Return to Seraph Station to prevent the Warsat network from firing on the Traveler.” Limits your power level to 1350 meaning all players will be equal and Legendary Challenge means the enemies are heavily guarded and more aggressive. I kicked my ass a lot more than I expected and always had a blast.

Spoiler Warning: You should play Abhorrent Imperative before reading further. Ideally, you should also complete all the Seraph story quests leading up to it, but that can be a chore and life is short. at least you should watch the cutscene yourself.

Reads a chart "spoiler alert."

The mission has you infiltrate the Seraph space station in the middle of the bombardment, while Eramis tries to use their Warsat to blow up the Traveler. A platforming episode with Earth in the background eventually leads to two showdowns, first with Eramis and then with an agent of the Hive war god Xivu Arath. In between, you’ll watch the heavy-frame machinery of a newly rebuilt Rasputin destroy the enemy legion in your path. The final encounter becomes a three-stage battle that feels almost like old school. Destiny Rather than trying to brute force your way through the match, it’s the boss on how it requires you to learn which enemies spawn where and adapt to them.

A view of Earth from Seraph Station.

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

The reward for going out is a cutscene that isn’t as new as it used to be. Destiny 22020 trial Fortnitestyle live event, but it has a much bigger payoff. Hanging above the Last City of the World dating back to 2014, the Traveler is pulled into space, while Rasputin manages to self-destruct and blow up the Warsats before they can ignite. Eramis wonders why he didn’t go. Witness the cosmic villain He says it’s because he has nowhere else to run. Meanwhile, a prerecorded message from Rasputin reveals that a powerful structure lurks on Neptune. Most importantly, the cutscene ends with the Traveler in exactly the same position on Earth as he appears. original Destiny promotional art more than eight years ago. To see? 10 year plan it wasn’t a lie.

Bungie / Destiny 2

For anyone who is completely overwhelmed Destiny 2The major revelations in ‘s zigzag space opera were that Eramis was working directly for the Witness, the Traveler was on the move but had not completely abandoned humanity, and the power to prevent the second collapse was on the new mother Neptune. location light fall. Rasputin plots some scheming as to who and why he wants to keep it a secret, saying he didn’t know about it before because it was erased from their memory banks. Eramis is at a crossroads, still an agent of The Witness, but mistaken in the assumption that the Traveler will leave humanity as he once did his civilization. And as The Witness approaches, you can finally start to feel that the game is heading towards a showdown in the 2024s. Final Shapeeverything that is Destiny up to this point.

It’s a very different feeling from how some other recent seasons have ended. Destiny 2 fell into a routine of late, where a new update kicked off a few weeks of new story missions, followed by a long pause, resulting in one small task and bits of dialogue that felt like months of grinding were an infrequent payoff. alone, as if they were slowly moving towards something bigger. It was definitely like that last year just before Witch Queen reached. I hope the excellent finale of Season of the Seraph is a good sign of what players can expect from the rest of the game. light fall From 28 February.



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