Netflix’s Stop-Motion Pokémon Series Will Be Hot, Therapeutic

During an Anime Expo press conference for Netflix’s upcoming anime, Pokémon Gatekeeperactress Rena NönenAlso known as Non, he explained what it was like to work in a stop-motion anime series and how his hot style of animation would fulfill any fan’s wish. Pokémon resorts were real.

Pokémon Gatekeeper It’s about a hard-working girl named Haru, who works as a janitor at a resort where she is hospitable and caring for tired Pokémon and their trainers. Pokémon Gatekeeper it also serves as the first collaboration between The Pokémon Company and the stop-motion studio. Japanese midget studios.

“I’m sure we all [felt like] We are bombarded, under pressure, or we just don’t want to get up and continue doing what we’re doing and just give up. But when you see Pokémon Gatekeeperit’s really therapeutic and makes you want to try to be the best you can be,” Non said. “I wish audiences could see it. Pokémon Gatekeeper [and feel like] they can go on.”


Learning how to voice for a stop-motion anime series

A key experience Non had when recording voice lines for Haru was filmed as she pantomimes Haru’s struggles and frustrations in the series so that her facial expressions and demeanor can be used to portray Haru and accentuate her puppet’s performance.

“When I saw the finished scenes, they were very different from what you would see in 2D, 3D or CG animation. I could feel like ‘Oh,’ [stop motion] it’s also how you can enjoy Pokémon,” Non said. “When I see [Haru] In action, I felt it was totally believable and believable.


Why is Psyduck the perfect companion for: Pokémon Gatekeeper

to shed some light on his character, Non said that Haru, who often overworks herself and puts too much pressure on herself to meet others’ expectations, learned throughout the drama that it’s okay to make mistakes and not be so hard on herself. His friendship with Pokémon Psyduck, whom he met while working at the facility, aided this journey of self-improvement.

“While I’m playing Pokémon games, Mewtwo was my favorite character. But when I started working on it Pokémon Gatekeeper, Psyduck in stop-motion animation… he’s so cute,” Non said. “Because she’s so cute, she’s my favorite right now. [Pokémon]”

One photo shows a Psyduck plush sitting at a Netflix press conference table.

Photograph: Kotaku / Isaiah Colbert

Although Psyduck serves as Haru’s friend in the anime, she hasn’t reassured fans that they’ll see other Pokémon throughout the series.

Pokémon Gatekeeper It is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in December.

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