The Success of Helldivers 2 Makes Everyone Watch This Movie

It’s fair to say Hell Divers 2 He’s having a good week. Beating GTA Vrecords of concurrent Steam playersextraction shooter exceeds everyone’s expectations, including himselfand it looks like that success is spreading. Because if there is a source hell divers owes the most Starship Troopersand it looks like the 1997 film is experiencing a renaissance of its own. That’s why you should watch it too.

As Johan Pilestedt, CEO of developer Arrowhead Studios, emphasized (thanks IGN), Starship Troopers‘ popularity has risen to the 45th most popular movie on the internet. ranking Television Statistics. While the chart on the site shows that number rising from #109 on February 15 to the new number the next day, it’s incredibly unlikely that the 27-year-old film has ever ranked this high before. Hell Divers 2The first version of was released a week ago.

Hell Divers 2Like its top-down predecessor, it begins on Super Earth, where democracy has been upgraded to a managed form, making elections more predictable. Look, before people could vote for whomever they wanted, but in Super Earth democracy has spread everywhere through bombs and wars. You’re fighting Terminids, an alien race of insectoid creatures who are just evil, spreading their tyranny across the galaxy, as well as evil socialist Cyborgs and the mysterious Illuminates. The Hell Divers are, as this short video incorrigibly puts it, “the galaxy’s last line of attack.”

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Whichever you saw Starship Troopers, will sound a bit familiar. While there were no robots or disguised Squ’ith, there were certainly Bugs, and much the same attitude towards spreading humanity’s unique approach to freedom across the galaxy. This is because of course hell divers Heavily influenced by Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi epic. But when it was released, not many people seemed to understand what it was about.

Book of the Movie

The confusion was at least well-founded. Starship Troopers It is (very loosely) based on the novel of the same name by Robert A. Heinlein, and the politics of this book are… unclear. Heinlein veered from liberal to libertarian throughout his life; He was both a pioneer of racial equality and a great admirer of Ayn Rand. The 1959 book seems to reflect many more of his characteristics conservative The trends are a view that glorifies the military and confirms its conceit that voting rights can only be achieved through military service. At the time of publication many critics described him as a “fascist”, but it is probably fair to say that his precise political leanings were deliberately obscured.

Verhoeven certainly didn’t have time for this. According to this Empirethe director was quoted as saying, “I quit after two episodes because it was too boring.” “It’s a very right-wing book,” he adds, referring to the film’s author, Ed Neumeier (RoboCop), to summarize the story to save you reading. But apparently this was enough to attract the director’s attention.

Neumeier was trying to get a script developed earlier with the spectacular title. Bug Hunting at Outpost 7. RoboCop Producer Jon Davison observed how similar his idea was to Heinlein’s book, and they eventually discovered that film rights were available. It took years to develop, but RoboCop The writing, producing and directing team eventually reassembled in 1996, with all the pieces in place, and a plan was hatched to make a film that would explore the inherent fascism in the source material.

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A Shameless Proposal

The result is extraordinary. Satire is almost always most successful when it is deeply subtle. People are angry A modest offer because that meant they truly believed Swift wanted the Irish to eat their babies. Starship Troopers He did something very different: He made extremely loud, stupid, and exaggerated comments about the military and the US approach to spreading democracy.

It was a story about a grim future where citizenship and the right to vote were gained only through federal service, where humans launched brutal attacks on planets of insect-like creatures derisively called Bugs. It was irony written on a sledgehammer, swung at the screen over and over again. And it was amazing. Joyously, painfully and magnificently rude, he took his quirks RoboCop and I increased it up to 11. But even then no one understood.

Flix and Clips

The negative reaction from Heinlein supporters was understandable. For those who enjoyed it as a fascist work, it was a film that directly contradicted this message. Boo! According to those who rebutted this interpretation, the film deviated so much from the source material that it was considered an insult. But the broader critical response remains utterly perplexing. No matter how obvious, no matter how wildly exaggerated every aspect of his satire, critics still thought it was pro-fascist nonsense. It’s so embarrassing.

Paul Verhoeven told AV Club how in 2007 Washington Post wrote an editorial saying it “was fascist and those who wrote and directed it were neo-Nazis.” same newspaper Stephen Hunter wrote Stating that he was “fundamentally a Nazi,” he added: “He is a Nazi in spirit, a Nazi in psychology. It comes straight out of the Nazi imagination and is set in the Nazi universe.” The cruel irony, even the terrible stupidity, of this was that Verhoeven, born in 1938, grew up in Nazi-occupied Netherlands. He experienced the horrors of the Nazis firsthand and chose to do so. Starship Troopers partly because he wanted to criticize such fascist ideology based on personal experience.

Want to Learn More?

It’s a film that truly stands up. Hell is a movie that has never gone out of date since its release, and given what 2024 looks like, it’s a movie that could become extremely relevant very soon. Both the depiction of the military complex and the media response are excellent, and the incredible training camp scene will still shock anyone who watches it for the first time.

The special effects also continue to be great. The glitches are detailed CGI as well as practical effects, and they don’t feel particularly dated. Also, remember Denise Richards? He’s great at this!

I definitely recommend you to buy the movie. Available on Disney+This is a pretty big deal, plus it can be purchased on Prime, etc. A true classic; It’s a powerful, over-the-top action movie combined with an anti-fascist satire, and you can declare yourself smarter than someone else. WaPo Journalist when he’s not in over his head.



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