Atlus Spends Persona 5 Royal’s Most Challenging Character

The internet is buzzing late for newly announced Person 5 side game, Ghost of the Night (P5X). Fans were attracted to the new characters, but were also excited to reunite with their old favorites. However, when I looked at the screenshots, I realized that one person was missing: Goro Akechi. What gives, Atlus? you can’t pretend Person 5 Royalhis main antagonist was also not the most interesting character in the series. He was a true member of the Ghost Thieves group, and haters could go crazy about it.

Goro Akechi is a high school student who acts as a rival for the main character. Person 5. In the original game, he is known for betraying the party after pretending to be his friends. It also does this in advanced mode. Royal version, but this 2019 update of the game adds additional scenes for it. These social interactions make Akechi feel more like a very troubled friend than a shitty cop who changes his mind at the last second.

Like most RPG foes, Akechi has a tragic past. His mother died when he was young and he grew up an orphan (usually significant social stigma in Japan). Akechi wanted revenge on his negligent and cruel father, so he teamed up with him to get close enough to assassinate him. Unfortunately, his father also planned to assassinate his son from the beginning. Akechi finally realized that the hero was someone like him, and the hero chose to sacrifice himself to allow the Ghost Thieves to escape.

It also helped with: Royal, players should spend more time with him in a completely new arc. Post-game added a new era in which reality completely changed. In this altered Tokyo, each character’s personal tragedy has been undone and each person lives a happy life. This is the only scenario where Akechi can be saved. But he rejects the artificial world and the false happiness that comes with it. Since the original plot implied that he died, defeating the owner of this world means that he will cease to exist. Not give a damn about. It is better for him to die than to live under the control of a higher power.

But I wanted him to live! When you pursue the end where the artificial world is destroyed, Royal He makes fun of the possibility that Akechi may have survived. And so I held my breath for the possibility of seeing Akechi again in the sequel. to mix up. I could never finish that musou game even though I finished many other games. Akechi wasn’t involved and that was definitely part of the reason. I haven’t invested much in anything P5 it wasn’t in it.

I was hoping it was a coincidence. Akechi is good and deserves to be featured in other side games. Now it looks like P5X It might disappoint me too, and I’m starting to lose hope that Atlus remembers who he is. This is homophobia and I will not stand for it. Atlus, give us my wild bird boy or kill me.



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