Unity Lays Off Nearly 1,800 People

An image shows the Unity logo on a black background.

Picture: Unity

According to a new report, Unity will lay off approximately 1,800 people, or about 25 percent of its employees. Reuters on Monday.

This is reportedly the largest layoff in the software company’s history. November last year-It will be completed by the end of March. Unity has experienced three layoffs in the last 12 months.

“We are…reducing the number of things we do to focus on our core business and increase our long-term success and profitability,” interim CEO Jim Whitehurst wrote in an internal memo. Reuters. The memo was sent to all Unity employees on January 8.

Kotaku Contacted Unity Software for comment.

Unity Software’s main product is the Unity engine, a flexible and popular game engine that powers many large and small games. Hearthstone And Pokémon GO. The company was at the center of a major controversy last September when it announced changes to how it would charge developers and publishers to use its technology. Developers would potentially have to pay for each install, which could be costly for free-to-play mobile games or popular games on platforms like Steam. After the unsuccessful implementation of these changes, massive backlash from developers followed. He grew so big that he finally The company apologized and withdrew -most from your new plans.

In October, shortly after all this, Unity’s then-CEO John Ricetello resigned. That’s when current interim CEO Whitehurst took over the company. During the last round of layoffs in November, the new CEO said the company had a “Reset.”

These latest layoffs continue a grim trend in the video game industry. Estimated 6,000 job losses in 2023. And it seems some things It won’t get better in 2024.



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