Call Of Duty Pulls YouTuber Nickmercs Appearance On Anti-LGBT Tweet

COD skin

picture: Activision / Kotaku

Activision has taken Call of Duty Skin based on Nickmercs, which became hugely popular after posting an anti-LGBTQ comment on Twitter.

Earlier this week, broadcaster Chris Puckett tweeted about a local clash between “pro-LGBT protesters” and bigots near his home. artists are child abusers in some way – “They should leave little kids alone,” he replied.

Nickmercs was quickly condemned. Like This Dexerto wrap-up summariesrightly rounded up by many key members. Call of Duty and “I let you down, Nick. Teaching acceptance and tolerance for EVERYONE is a valuable life skill for all ages.”

Loopy, a coach at Vexed Gaming, said even more strongly:

Never again will I work/watch at an MFAM event. I cannot conscientiously work for a bigot. I am a sailor and I have sworn to support and protect the constitution that protects protests and demands equality for all.

“Peace and love” if you are not gay or trans? How pathetic.

early this morning Call of Duty site Charlie Intel reported o Nickmercs’ own volume—announced just a month ago-had apparently removed from both Battlefield And Modern Warfare II, with the shop page returning a dead link. After initially stating that “Activision has not commented on the matter,” the official said, Call of Duty The account then responded with a statement:

Due to recent events, we have removed the “NICKMERCS Operator” bundle from the Modern Warfare II and Warzone store. We are focused on celebrating PRIDE with our employees and community.

In case you wondered if Nickmercs ever apologized for his comment, the process went by so apologetically: you would expect:



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