The Last Of Us Part 2 Actor Says Fans Threatened His Son

Abby stands in a theater lobby.

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Anyone browsing the internet at the time of publication The Last of Us Part II He knows it’s a bad time. But while we, as fans and writers, saw the vitriol unfold in real time, it was much worse for the creative team at whom it was directly targeted. Laura Baileywho played secret second hero AbbyHe described his experience of harassment during the release of the game and how some disgruntled fans threatened his son, who was two years old at the time, because they did not like his character.

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If you haven’t played The Last of Us Part IIAbby kills the first game’s protagonist, Joel, as part of a years-long revenge plan for her father’s death. A subset of famous fans got angry about itdeveloper Naughty Dog sees this as a form of “betrayal”. This reaction spread throughout the play’s cast, including Bailey. In the documentary The Making of Grounded II: The Last of Us Part II Premiering on February 2, Bailey tearfully described the death threats she received.

Some of these messages were forwarded through the appropriate channels to ensure Bailey was not in immediate danger, and they included threats to her then-born son. Part IIThe development of . In a section of the documentary that focuses on the reactions in the environment leaked cutscenes Ahead of the launch, Bailey says this has taught him to “keep his distance” from the public.

Bailey spoke publicly about the online harassment she received during her launch. The Last of Us Part II I’m back in 2020and even posted screenshots of some of what was sent to him. This included a message for his son and his parents. this level harassment has become so commonplace that In the video game industry and in public, women are often targets. Just earlier this year, Spiderman 2 face model Stephanie Tyler Jones He had to speak out against the people who followed him by leaving voicemails at her day job and making her feel “unsafe”.

Naturally, I’m concerned to see how people treat Bailey for playing a character she didn’t write. What’s left of us fans will react to Kaitlyn Dever She will play Abby in the HBO Max live-action adaptation, when the putter collapses. Many people have jokingly said that she should quit social media now, but looking at how bad the reaction to Bailey has been, maybe it’s worth the advice.

Grounded II documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look The Last of Us Part II‘s development and includes a soft endorsement from Naughty Dog He has a concept in mind for the third game.



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