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Each Personality The player knows that the hardest part of these games isn’t eliminating shadows, managing your hangout time, or getting Morgana to let you stay up past 8 a.m. at night. The hardest part of being a Persona user is answering the tough questions your teachers ask you during school hours.

Personality 3 When it was released in 2006 there were in-game quizzes and Persona 3 Reload You have a new list of questions to answer during your school year at Gekkoukan High School. There’s technically no penalty for answering these questions incorrectly, but when you answer correctly you’ll miss out on social stat boosts that will help you tap into new avenues of social connection and access new features. If you’re in your teacher’s class or have found yourself stuck on a difficult question, we’ve got a nice cheat sheet for you here. Who needs to study when we’re around, right?

Persona 3 Reload April questions and answers

4/8, Question: Which expression symbolizes summer!?

Reply: live carp streamers

4/18, Question: What are the places where people dumped their waste during the Jomon period called today?

Reply: mediums

4/27, Question: Do you know which one isn’t an algebraic spiral or something?

Reply: A.

Persona 3 Reload There may be questions and answers

5/6, Question: What is the device that helps generate electrical energy for the train called?

Reply: Pantograph

5/13, Question: What tool did he use in his experiments?

Reply: Pendulum

5/15, Question: What is the other name for “May disease”, the more mundane one?

Reply: May sadness

5/19 (Exam), Question: What is another common expression used to describe “May disease”?

Reply: May sadness

5/20 (Exam), Question: Which of the following did Léon Foucault use in his experiment on the rotation of the earth?

Reply: a pendulum

5/21 (Exam), Question: Which of the following is obtained with a pantograph?

Reply: Electric

5/22 (Exam), Question: In which historical period were garbage dumps used most?

Reply: jomon

Persona 3 Reload June questions and answers

6/15, Question: Which expression means “being able to see things as they really are”?

Reply: Sharp eye

6/17, Question: What early religious practice was the origin of magic?

Reply: Shamanism

6/22, Question: What else do people say about this curve?

Reply: Witch of Agnesi

6/25, Question: What do you call it when the air bubbles in a jacuzzi bath hit you and make your body vibrate?

Reply: flutter effect

6/29, Question: What type of natural magic is used to find water sources?

Reply: prospecting

Persona 3 Reload July questions and answers

7/3, Question: H-Hey, help me, [Protagonist name]. What kind of story is he talking about?

Reply: About romance

7/8, Question: Where is the comma splice found in the following sentence? “We won’t make it to the theater in time as it’s 10:30 now, it’s already started, it’s terrifying.”

Reply: Between “time” and “that”.

7/9, Question: At the same time, a serious problem arose for farmers. Do you remember what happened?

Reply: social inequality

7/10, Question: What is the esoteric study of Jewish texts called?

Reply: Kabala

7/11, Question: Now, what do you think that item is? This is something every samurai needs!

Reply: katana

7/14 (Exam), Question: What type of spell is used to find water sources?

Reply: prospecting

7/15 (Exam), Question: How did the Witch of Agnesi earn the first half of her name?

Reply: An error in translation

7/16 (Exam), Question: Who designed the prototype of the katana?

Reply: Taira no Masakado

7/17 (Exam), Question: There is a mistake in this sentence, what kind of mistake?

Reply: Add a comma

Persona 3 Reload September questions and answers

9/1, Question: Which property of electricity is related to superconductivity?

Reply: Resistance

9/10, Question: H-Hey, [Protagonist name]Do you know what “spill the beans” means?

Reply: revealing a secret

September 11, Question: Which book helped advance the art of magic during the Renaissance?

Reply: hermetica

9/14, Question: Who does he mean when he talks about his “better halves”?

Reply: their soulmate

9/26, Question: What is the common name for the four sacred numbers in numerology?

Reply: tetractics

Persona 3 Reload October questions and answers

10/7, Question: Which hormone provides the feeling of success in your brain?

Reply: dopamine

10/10, Question: Who was the founder of the Theosophical group that gave rise to many other magical communities?

Reply: Helena Blavatsky

10/13 (Exam), Question: The dopamine hormone is related to our sense of achievement. Name a symptom of its overproduction.

Reply: Dependence

10/14 (Exam), Question: Who is considered by many to be the first numerologist whose name lives on in a mathematical theorem today?

Reply: pythagoras

10/15 (Exam), Question: What happens when electrical resistance reaches zero? Hint: It was the word I used when confessing my love to someone…

Reply: superconductivity

10/16 (Exam), Question: What does the phrase “spill the beans” mean?

Reply: revealing a secret

10/19, Question: We used the number “zero” a lot. So do you know where it originally came from?

Reply: India

10/22, Question: Which Roman goddess is theorized as the namesake of April?

Reply: Venus

10/26, Question: But there is one area that calls it the “moon of the gods” because they all go there! Do you know which one?

Reply: Izumo

10/30, Question: A certain enzyme brings out the sweetness in them when they are cooked. Do you know what happened?

Reply: Beta-amylase

Persona 3 Reload November questions and answers

11/7, Question: What is the ancient Indian magical text I am talking about today?

Reply: Upanishads

11/12, Question: What was he telling with such a sparse line?

Reply: favorite time in winter

11/30, Question: What did the hero compare him to in the poem Genji sent him?

Reply: Cherry Blossom

Persona 3 Reload December questions and answers

12/7, Question: What is the name of the stratospheric layer of molecules consisting of three oxygen atoms?

Reply: Ozon layer

12/9, Question: What spell was Himiko said to use?

Reply: child

12/11, Question: Do you know which of the following is an irregular plural noun?

Reply: their lives

12/14 (Exam), Question: Which of the following was born in India?

Reply: number zero

12/15 (Exam), Question: When heated, beta-amylase enzymes in sweet potatoes react with existing starch to produce which disaccharide?

Reply: Maltose

12/16 (Exam), Question: Which Roman goddess is theorized as the namesake of April?

Reply: Venus

12/17 (Exam), Question: In The Tale of Genji, whom does Hikaru Genji compare to cherry blossoms?

Reply: Murasaki-no-Ue

12/18 (Exam), Question: Which of the following words does not have the correct plural?

Reply: geese

12/22, Question: What do you call the feeling of joy that comes from a near-death experience?

Reply: Enthusiasm

Persona 3 Reload January questions and answers

1/8, Question: “The new year marks a journey to a certain place.” Where is this “particular place” he speaks of?

Reply: Underground

1/18, Question: I mentioned two Greek magicians. One was Medea. Who was the other one?

Reply: Vinegar

If you found yourself at the bottom of these questions and answers, you may be having trouble with other parts of the game as well. Persona 3 Reload. If that’s the case, be sure to head here to our address. general tips/tricks list knowing before diving in.



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