Destiny Players Honor Their Fallen Commander Lance Reddick

Lance Reddick, actor who lent his voice to various plays Horizon for the series Quantum break, passed away on friday. He was 60 years old. While appearing in movies and TV shows such as John Wick And Phone, Destiny players know him best as the commander of The Last City, Awakened Guardian Zavala. Now, hearing the news of Reddick’s death, people are flocking to his in-game character to honor him as their eternal commander in a healthy display of player solidarity.

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Zavala is a mainstay Destiny Universe. One of the first characters you meet after waking up in the original game and blasting your way through an alien-infested planet, Zavala can be found in the Tower’s war room alongside Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey. Initially a kind of stoic blank slate silently hung the various Titan armors at first. However, since then, he’s been given a lot of emotional background, with the character developing in significant ways – he’s now more talkative when you see him standing alone in the Tower staring at the Traveler, pontificating about his condition. The world and its role in it, in Reddick’s sweet tones.

last year Witch Queen expansion grappled with his faith as cosmic forces challenged him, which gave Reddick more room to stretch into Zavala’s character and personality. Subsequent seasons revealed a familiar tragedy from his past that still haunts him. Notorious oblivion lines such as “We had a war with the Cabal on Mars” have also given way to personal stories of grief and struggle.

So, with the news that Reddick has passed away suddenly from a cause the police say were natural causes, many Guardians now pay their respects to their beloved Titan Commander and head to the Tower to pay their respects as best they can. Game reporter Saniya Ahmed He shared a photo of the collectors at the Towerhe writes that some players are embracing each other emotes.

kotaku Senior editor Alyssa Mercante jumped into the game and confirmed that Zavala had people gathered around her. Several players used the phrase Peaceful Rest, surrounding them with neon-colored tower candles. Another was holding a shield and a sword made of light. A few sat down.

People heartbroken On this loss, including many Bungie employees who shared their immediate reactions to the shocking news on Twitter. artwork gawk already prepared and sent. Creator Uhmaayyze shared an ex Reddick’s picture holding Destiny weapon, irradiation. Zavala quotes circulating online, their meanings carry even greater weight in light of this loss. Some players evencommunity-wide silent sitting eventIn front of Zavala to pay homage to Reddick’s stellar performance, the others trying to organize a shared color scheme Reddick’s influence to honor him Destiny community cannot be underestimated, especially last tweet he liked It was about the game.

kotaku reached out to Bungie for comment.

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It’s never a good feeling to have a loved one pass away, especially someone as influential and productive as Lance Reddick. But thanks to the adoration of the community and his immortalization among psychics, Reddick will live forever. Eyes up, Guardians, Commander Zavala is watching you forever.



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