Rock Band Developers Announce DLC, Now Focusing on Fortnite

Harmonix, Studio owned by Epic Games behind the popular rhythm game series rock bandofficially announced that it has completed weekly DLC releases. 2015s Rock Band 4. Will now focus on supporting Fortnite Festivalin its place.

Rock Band 4 It was released nearly a decade ago in October 2015, marking a return to the series five years after its release. Rock Band 3 And The collapse of plastic instrument games like guitar hero And DJ Hero. During Rock Band 4 Having failed to reinvent the once massive plastic instrument genre of rhythm games, replacement instrument controllers have become increasingly difficult to find, while a dedicated community of players has emerged who continue to enjoy the game and purchase DLC songs for it. Now, eight years and almost 3,000 DLC songs later, Harmonix is ​​moving on.

In a Jan. 17 post on the official Harmonix blog from Rock Band 4‘s product manager, Daniel Sussman, revealed that the studio’s DLC soundtrack, released on January 25, will be the last soundtrack ever. Rock Band 4. Sussman’s post clarified that all other live services, including Rivals seasons and online play, will continue as normal. But new parts will not come RB4 after this month.

Sussman also noted that all songs owned by the actors Rock Band 4 He added that you won’t be going anywhere and can continue having fun with previously purchased songs “as long as you want.”

Fortnite Festival Will he come

As for what Harmonix is ​​working on right now, it’s pretty obvious if you’ve been paying attention. Fortnite Lately. Epic’s popular battle royale game expanded in December with the addition of: three new games built inside Fortnite. One of these Fortnite FestivalA controller-based rhythm game featuring popular songs from different genres. Harmonix is ​​the team behind this game and this is what the studio will focus on post-game.Rock Band 4.

Epic Games

“Looking ahead, the Harmonix team has been Fortnite Festival,” Sussman said. “[It] Bringing rhythm action games (and more) Fortnite ecosystem. It’s free to play, we have a variety of songs that you can play whenever you want (for free). If you are a fan of the rhythm game category, Fortnite Festival This is the place to be.”

And Sussman confirmed this once again support for RB4 instruments coming soon with Festivalso you don’t need to “hang up your guitars yet”.

“We work as support” rock band The community has been a highlight in my professional life,” Sussman explained.

“We thought long and hard about how to frame the latest explosion. RB4 DLC of this era. The last two weeks will be filled with some tear-jerking events that sum up our feelings about this moment. Thank you for your dedication and passion for this great game. Long live rock and roll.”




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