Diablo 4 Attracts Rare Items After Fans Find Easy Exploit

Diablo IV has six Uber Uniques these are some of the rarest and most powerful items in the game. Players have spent hundreds of hours without ever encountering anything so far. A way to easily earn them was recently discovered, and Blizzard has completely removed residual items from the game to stop the madness.

Uber Uniques, previously only farmable in Nightmare dungeons, have been added to the game’s Helltide event in the latest patch, an in-game event where a certain area on the map turns blood red and is filled with extra challenging enemies. Players quickly realized it was a way to significantly increase their chances of getting the Harlequin Crest, known as Shako. strongest item in Diablo IV. This is because characters like the Barbarians don’t have as many Unique helmets, meaning Helltide chests that only give helmets are much more likely to give Shakos to those players.

A Diablo 4 screenshot shows a player taking Shako.

“Just Helltide and open the rudder chest over and over and these fall like candy,” said YouTuber Raxxanterax. how-to video about cheating. Players rushed to try and grab their Shako before Blizzard pissed off the exploit. Diablo IV forums and subdirectories started to fill up immediately success stories And Humor. Players who chose not to enter the game on the night of July 6 kicked themselves, while others who took Shako called Blizzard. not taking away their cheesy Uber Uniques.

It didn’t take long for Blizzard to step in. and remove Uber UniquesUntil a fix is ​​released completely from the game, including Shako. Naturally, there were debates as to whether this actually constituted an exploit, versus an apparent oversight in the game’s design following the latest patch. Others have complained about how quickly Blizzard has responded to an arguably harmless issue while other quality-of-life features are still missing from the game.

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On the upside, once the fix goes into effect, Uber Uniques like the two-handed swordsman The Grandfather and Ring of Starless Skies will now also be dropped in Helltide activities so it will be easier to win overall. While players may not earn them even after dozens of hours of endgame farming, they can at least have a change of scenery from standard Nightmare dungeon runs.

Diablo IVby the way first season On the air on July 20. Players will have to launch entirely new characters, but they will also have access to brand new abilities and builds unique to the season. I hope the action-RPG’s most loyal players manage to win at least one or two of the most coveted Uber Uniques to date.

Update 7/7/2023 7:38 PM ET: Blizzard has released the fix and brought its Uber Uniques back online. He says that while the Helltide chest exploit was live, only 142 accounts in total earned them, and the studio has no plans to take them from players. However, if something like this happens again in the future, it might be to keep things fair.. Here full patch notes:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Uber Uniques had a higher chance of unintentionally dropping from Helltide Chests.

Developer Note: With the change above, we re-enabled Uber Unique drops in Diablo IV. Between the launch of 1.0.4 and the evening we disabled Uber Uniques from the game on the evening of July 6, we discovered that in total only 142 accounts received Uber Uniques. We do not plan to remove these items from accounts. In the future, when a bug or exploit affects the gameplay of others, we may need to take action to maintain fairness within the game.

Gameplay Changes

  • Helltide Chests will now have any Unique drop chance and are not limited to certain item slot limitations from any chest.

Developer Note: With the change above, players will now be able to find Unique items from ALL Helltide Chests. Uber Unique items also have a chance to be found from all chests.



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