Nicolas Cage’s Dead By Daylight Voice Lines Have Zero Chill

Crazy and prolific actor Nicolas “Nic” Cage comes to the asymmetrical survival horror game Dead by Daylight on 25 July. If you know anything about him, you expect his vocal cords to dissolve like hell. They’re so crazy that people at TikTok are amazed at Cage’s dedication to his latest role.

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After it was leaked earlier this year, developer Behavor Interactive Confirmed that Cageman will join the game as a Survivor during Summer Game Fest with a promotional trailer. Survivors is one of many playable characters in a 4v1 asymmetrical horror simulation with a laser focus on driving hell away from the Killers who hang players on hooks so they can fall victim to another world. My god.

At the time, we had no real idea of ​​how Cage would play Survivor, but he said it was “an exaggerated, exaggerated version of a movie actor.” That means it’s weird and wild, right? Yes, but IDK if you’re a little prepared for how crazy Cage’s voice lines are in this game. Connect.

OK, what’s going on? He’s bursting his lungs, he’s babbling like Jim Carrey Ace Ventura or something else and notorious singing Halloween Tune like you’re in an ’80s hair metal band. Nic Cage also apparently there are 185 voice lines at game. And he’s definitely the one who gets me out except he does Halloween The theme is that his character yells “I’m Nic Fucking Cage” over and over. I’d love for him to jump into a movie scene just once with that line.

Nicolas Cage is stupid and effective, dead in the sunlight bonuses

According to this people who was involved overall test structure (PTB) Game on Steam, Nic Cage “best survivor” because of its advantages. Not only are they funny, they look pretty effective and offer the chance to drastically change the meta, which can often sound a bit stale.

Stage Partner, an ability, activates whenever Cage enters the Killer’s Dread Radius; it will scream hilariously before giving players a chance to see the outline of the Killer for a few seconds. Scream out ridiculously again, giving them a longer chance to see where the Killer hides.

Then there’s the Plot Twist, an active ability that allows players to fake their own death; They will enter a “dying state”, but will not leave any traces of blood or any whining to warn the Killer of their whereabouts. Getting rid of this fake death state will completely heal you and temporarily increase your movement speed.

Dramaturgy will turn Cage’s escape into an adventure. Looney Tunes-esque knee-deep canter, increasing movement speed, and then randomly activating one of several effects that can either help or harm your game (you can inflict a Killer or earn a random rare item).

Dead by Daylight publisher SpookyLoopz uploaded a YouTube video on July 5 that showcases Nic Cage’s character in full. The character has a pretty funny story that he believes in it. Dead by Daylight world is part of some movie scripts and even funnier in-game animations like his scream.


“This is Nicolas Cage,” SpookyLoopz said. “Man, legend, legend – the first celebrity we’ve ever won [Dead By Daylight]. Super, so excited [character]. […] He’s the funniest survivor in the game.”

Inside a press release Announcing the introduction of Nic Cage Dead by DaylightMathieu Côté, head of partnerships for Behavior Interactive from PTB, got the player excited.

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“To say we’re thrilled to have Nicolas Cage join the gaming world for the first time. dead in the sunlight That’s an understatement,” said Côté. “Mr. Cage recorded all the vocal lines and was involved every step of the way; His dedication to his craft and professionalism is unmatched. We feel very privileged to have him and our players: You are in for a feast!”

Behavor Interactive is also working with Atomic Monster and Blumhouse. turn the game into a movie. Maybe the IRL actor will be in the movie? That would be a nice meta pass.



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