Official Xbox Sale Offers Discounts on Some of 2023’s Biggest Games

Cal walks away from the starship in Jedi: Survivor.

picture: Rebirth Fun / EA

Those who procrastinate reap once again. Xbox Series X/S owners who haven’t gotten some yet biggest games of this year And finally, if you don’t have enough money to play after the last jam-packed release window, you can get them for up to 45 percent off.

Microsoft’s “Ultimate Game Sale” runs from July 14 to July 31 and includes discounts on console games major and minor, as well as some PC games. Offers include 25 percent discount Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, One of the best games of 2023 and recently promoted. kotaku‘s list of the best Xbox Series X/S games. Hogwarts Legacy on sale, albeit a bit odd. The Deluxe Edition with free unforgivable curses drops to $64, while the full price of the regular edition remains at $70.

Other great discounts Hand Ringdropped to $42 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, with 45 percent off the “next generation” price tag. Some of the other opportunities worth looking into include:

  • Ghost Wire: Tokyo – $20 (67 percent off)
  • Dead Island 2 Deluxe Edition – $60 (20 percent off)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – $20 (67 percent off)
  • cyberpunk 2077 – $30 (50 percent off)
  • Distant Cry 6 – $15 (75 percent off)
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns Enhanced Edition – $28 (60 percent off)
  • Little Tina’s Wonderland – $20 (67 percent off)
  • Witcher 3 – $25 (50 percent off)
  • Wild Hearts – $42 (40 percent off)
  • It Takes Two – $16 (60 percent off)
  • Cuphead – $14 (30 percent off)
  • Lego Star Wars: The Legend of Skywalker – $20 (67 percent off)

Unfortunately, there are no good deals on Xbox Series X or S consoles at the moment. There are a few small discounts on accessories, by the way. Depending on color, you can get $13 off Xbox controllers or up to $40 off Elite Series 2; this is not bad for one of the best game pads on the market. There are currently no special discounts on Game Pass, but Microsoft has just brought it back. $1 first month trial for new subscribers.



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