Palworld Costumes Are Here And Oh My God…Oh No…

pokemon with weapons (i.e. palworld) was a huge hit and many kids and teenagers are enjoying the open world survival crafting game. It’s likely to be a popular source of inspiration for this year’s Halloween costumes, and so, as expected, some companies are already producing unofficial merchandise that could end up with someone knocking on your door for candy later this fall.

palworld has millions of players and is currently one of the most played games in the world. As I write this paragraph on a random Tuesday afternoon, there are over 300,000 concurrent players on Steam. The game has cute features, pokemonCreatures like those called Pals are a blockbuster success, and when something gets this big so quickly, it often leads to an awkward period of time where official products are nowhere to be found. Naturally, other companies also started to produce and sell imitation products. palworld products, including some truly strange-looking full-body costumes.

As detected VG24/7, palworld– like many other popular video games – replica costumes are sold on several different websites. on redditsomeone noticed these full body suits on sale now Aliexpress price is $20. These are like those ’80s costumes you picked up at the drugstore because you forgot tomorrow was Halloween, and your kids reluctantly wear them because they still want candy. It’s also a little scary. Imagine watching a lot of horror movies and then one of them knocking on your door late at night.

A screenshot shows some Palworld costumes for sale.

VG24/7 I found similar or possibly exactly the same costumes on ebay, but here it costs $22. Another site appears to be selling at least one of these costumes, specifically the yellow Grizzbolt version. IThe price is around 38 USD. The last one says he sells: Dongguan Shiri Huanbao Dianzishangwu Youxian Gongsi. Googling didn’t turn up much, but it appears to be a Chinese company. (This is a good time to mention that you should Google “Dropshipping.” You know. Just for fun.)

For those wondering, the studio behind it does not appear to be PocketPair. palworldhas released all official costumes based on the game. So these are all probably rushed knockoffs. I don’t even believe these clothes will look the same as the images advertising them. Be warned before purchasing.

And for the kids who finally dress like a Friend palworld Sorry for Halloween this year, but here’s how trick-or-treating will continue all night long:

Old woman: Oh, look. What a cute Pokemon.

Child: I am a friend…

Old lady: Oh, that’s nice, honey, have a caramel.



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