Amazing Diablo IV Cosplay Photos Bring Lilith to Life

Lilith skin from Diablo

Cinderys is a professional cosplayer from France who has been active on stage for almost a decade. Over the years he has dressed as a group of Blizzard characters. World of Warcraft with hearthstonebut the last Devil The job is terribly good.

Before I go any further: yes, I said professional cosplayer. As I wrote earlier, there is a certain level of cosplay at which artists can take part in paid, sponsored works.and Cinderys has been doing this for a while. This Devil The cosplay here, for example, is the result of a collaboration between herself, Blizzard France, and peripheral company Steel Series, which technically makes this ad but also gives Cinderys the time and resources to make something that looks so incredible.

Wearing a costume like this, as you can see in this quick build video It wasn’t easy together. There was sewing, of course, but also a lot of 3D model work (sponsoring can help access these things), 3D printing, prosthetics and makeup. Somehow – with finally some help from french cosplayer Xia—Cinderys not only put it all together, but built everything from scratch in just one month:

Finally, here are some images Diablo IVs Launch party in France, which shows that not only does the costume look incredible in photos, but (according to COSPLAY) it’s totally practical to hang around during the night.

If you want to see more cosplay works like this, this one is just as good, Cinderys has a portfolio section on their personal website There are some absolute show stealers, not just from Blizzard games but things like Monster Hunter as well. Savathûn from Destiny 2 especially “holy shit” a kind of photo gallery.



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