Starfield’s Xbox Controller Lets You See Flickering Triggers

We discussed the specific issue star field– previously branded Xbox controllers. It was one of the worst kept secrets of 2023. star fieldbranded Xbox headset starting to join them on store shelves. What I didn’t know until today was how cool the controller’s triggers were.

I mean, I like the controller design itself. i’m not quite exaggerated for star fieldI can take it or leave it, but the beauty of this pad in particular is that it really doesn’t look like a branded controller at all. Looks like a really cool late 70’s/early 80’s sci-fi themed Xbox controller. as if it was something other than The Last Starfighterand so even if you have no idea what it is star field it was, or he did and he didn’t care, you can Still include this controller.

Anyway! I want to talk about what triggered that aesthetic discourse on my chest. We already knew from leaked product photos that the triggers have a transparent housing., but seeing them just sitting there was another. seeing them is different. energeticbecause as long as we’ve had vibrating controllers – and it’s been decades – I don’t know if I’ve ever seen their mechanics actually vibrate when you have the finished product in hand:

This is great! Negative amazingWe all knew roughly how they work, but it’s still great to see him in action like this. It’s cool and alarming, because seeing how fast and hard these little guys have to work to keep rumbling, I have no idea how controllers last that long. Sure, uh, provided they last as long as we really want..

Xbox Series X/S controller 80 dollars gaming headset 125 dollars.



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