Who Is The Best In Overwatch 2? Statistics Show Most Gamers Don’t Care

Kiriko's eyes glow a bright bluish green and are seen filling up her ultimate ability, Kitsune Rush.

picture: Blizzard Entertainment

Like hero shooters extreme observation 2 It’s always in flux when it comes to character selection rates. Balance changes, reworks, and new additions put a wrench in the machine, so high usage time for a character can mean a lot. But while extreme observation 2 Released just four months ago, we can still learn a little from the heroes who currently live their best lives as their best choices.

Inside make it official more observations Web sitegame director Aaron Keller broke down some stats on character selection rates. extreme observation 2third season. As the season continues, the team appears to be quite happy with the balance of the game as there won’t be any major changes between now and the mid-season patch. This is why the selection rate statistics below are pretty much the same up until then.

One of the biggest inferences I get when I look at the statistics is, more observations meta doesn’t always determine which characters are liked.

As an example, Keller first lays out support choices, which he says are well-balanced across different skill tiers, that apply to “most” characters no matter what level you play at. Brigitte is my secondary support character behind Baptiste, so I’m happy to see that she apparently has the highest win rate across most skill tiers, with Zenyatta taking the lead among the top 500 players. Both have about 55 percent win rate. This pair is followed by Kiriko and Moira, who have a 45 percent win rate. Despite all that, Keller says Ana, Kiriko, and Mercy are actually the most used support heroes right now.

When it comes to tanks, Reinhardt is king, with a 58 percent win rate from Bronze to Platinum, and Sigma is victorious with a 55 percent win rate on Masters and above. Keller points to Roadhog as a special hotspot for tank players, and recent overhauls have made it more situational. Receiving a significant buff with the addition of a revamped shield, the Cannon of Destruction looks a bit like a joker. The win rate apparently fluctuates between 51 and 55 percent, and it has a low pick rate in the lower ranks, but it’s apparently the most picked tank among the top 500. Wrecking Ball has always been an odd outlier for the tank role, and the numbers make it clear how unpredictable it can really be.

The last one is the damaged characters, and after Sojourn moves a few numbers, more characters come up again. According to Keller’s analysis, Cassidy climbed to the top of the most picked damage characters in all rankings except the top 500, where she went head-to-head with her poster girl Tracer. At lower ranks, Symettra and Torbj√∂rn have the highest win rates, while Symettra has the highest in-game win rates for all ranks lower than Masters.

It’s interesting to look at win rates and pick rates side by side, because even though even the sickest of competitive perverts have their own opinion about the meta and that’s their own talk, for many players they just pick who they like.

Win rate, which doesn’t always equate to higher selection rates, is a common thread across all three roles. Cassidy outperforms other damage players in terms of pick rate, but for most standings, raw numbers say Symmetra and Torb are arguably at the top of the role in terms of match-winning. Kiriko is one of the top picks, but support characters like Brig and Zenyatta have apparently higher success rates at most ranks.

It’s great to see these stats, but most of us choose characters we act with, regardless of where they sit in the meta. Soldier: 76, Orisa and Baptiste appear nowhere in this blog post but they are still my favorites and I will stick with them until the bitter end.

If they don’t make Cassidy’s guided bomb Find Mei anywhere on the map. We will reevaluate later.



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