The Internet Is Reacting To Street Fighter 6’s New Cammy

Cammy's new design features a Union Jack jacket, bare waist and yoga pants.

picture: Capcom / Kotaku

during yesterday Sony’s State of Play showcaseThe fighting game community has witnessed three character teaser trailers. street fighter 6. I say three, but to be honest with ourselves, the only street fighter on everyone’s mind is Cammy White. So let’s count the many ways Cammy’s reveal has made players smile.


As you can see from the trailer above, street fighter 6‘s roster will include the valiant substitute Zangief, a newcomer named Lily and the aforementioned Miss White. While the overall look of these road fighters has been common knowledge for a while now, as the game’s leaked character art has been making its way onto websites, many Cammy reviewers, both old and new, say the leaks don’t do justice to its new issues.

Instead of rocking her vintage twin tails and green leotard, SF6 Cammy wears a short bob, Union Jack jacket and yoga pants. While diversions from an iconic look typically give gamers goosebumps, people online absolutely love Cammy’s new discoveries. Twitter user UltimaShadow X pointed How is Cammy SF6 streetwear is another example of video game character designs.[getting] warmer when they buy extra clothes”.

Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed a stylish new anime reference. Twitter user Fighting-Games Daily spotted a new, knee-breaking shot The startling new move in Cammy’s arsenal is actually a reference to the same shot he made in the 1994 anime movie. Street Fighter II: Animated Movie.

Elsewhere, other fans seem excited to hear this Cammy’s English voice actor Caitlin Glassis is once again supplying deadly Brit’s lines.

One last clip of Cammy SF6 The trailer circulating on Twitter doesn’t show any of the special forces agent’s lethal kicks, but one particular idle animation, especially his exaggerated back movements. Horndog food is definitely and potentially the start of a new trend à la Criminal Rig Effort “Jack-O challenge” It swept Twitter back in 2021. At least that seems a little easier. Fan art is already proliferating:

As a result, the replenishment of the English girl left a very positive impression on her. Street Fighter society. The real test of its impact, though, will be when Cammy mains in America will start putting sauce on their chips.



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