Linus Sebastian Resigns as CEO of Linus Media Group

Linus Tech Tips

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Canadian YouTuber Linus Sebastian is known to many as the man behind the wildly popular one. Linus Tech Tips channel announced that he is stepping down as CEO of companies he helped found and has managed for the past ten years.

In a 10-minute video titled “It’s Time”, Sebastian announced that from 1 July he will no longer head Linus Media Group, which not only manages media. Linus Tech Tips show, but also companies like Creator Warehouse and Floatplane Media.

I’m taking a step..

“I wasn’t made for this and I’m tired,” she says. “He’s tired, like, ‘I really can’t do this anymore. And I know that if I try to drag myself into business administration for another 10 years, I will destroy myself and possibly kill the company and community I love so much in the process.”

Of course, she’s not completely leaving the show or YouTube. If there was, we would have said that from the beginning. Instead, he’ll move on to a new job called “Vision Chief,” admitting that it’s a “stupid, ridiculous, made-up role” that will allow him to not only keep making videos, but perhaps even appear. inside More As he will be freed to do so without having to focus on all the business aspects that come with being the CEO of a company that has around 100 employees at the time of publication.

Interestingly, Sebastian says that at the same time he made this decision, Linus Media received a $100 million offer to “sell”; ) purchasing company. Still, Linus decided to turn it down, citing a combination of factors, such as the fact that they like working with the company as they are, and, to be true, they’re already super rich.

Terren Tong, who previously served at Corsair, will replace Sebastian as CEO.



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