No “Pushback” in $70 Games

During Take-Two Interactive’s recent earnings call with investors, CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked about other publishers selling AAA games at a discounted price shortly after launch. His company has been one of many companies. start charging $70 for gamesand, at least according to him, he hasn’t seen any “reversal” at the new price point.

On May 17, the publisher behind games like Take-Two Interactive NBA 2K, GTA V, Borderlands, And BioShock— Released 2022 earnings report a press release that looks like a clue GTA VI-achievement levels Coming next year. As part of this process, the company also met with investors who asked questions about Take-Two’s plans and past performance. Someone here brought up AAA game prices.

as detected by VGCDuring the call, an analyst noted that several other unnamed publishers are starting to offer discounts on new AAA games “within days and weeks” after launch. More publishers (Including Take-Two Interactive) Join the $70 gaming club, including Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But Zelnick claimed that consumers really don’t care.

“We don’t see a pullback in the front line price,” Zelnick said. “What we’re seeing is that consumers are trying to limit their spending by going to blockbuster movies or things they really, really care about, or things they value, and sometimes it can be both. And the good news is we have loads of blockbusters and a great catalogue.”

The rise of $70 games

Basically, Zelnick believes that players are buying fewer games and focusing on a few big, expensive $70 blockbusters, or are willing to buy older or smaller games that cost less. As the video game industry continues to struggle with layoffs and big games that don’t sell wellIt seems odd that Zelnick said people couldn’t afford more games and instead had to “limit their spending”. But I’m not a very wealthy CEO, so what should I know?

The truth is, while players are definitely taking a step back out loud 70 dollar games—Zelnick should check the comments on literally any story about these expensive titles—the truth is, publishers will go ahead anyway. There is a lot of money to be made and Tears of the Kingdom‘S showed great sales figuresA $70 game can sell well if it’s good enough.

And as MicrosoftSega and other companies have confirmed that future versions will cost $10 more than the old $60 price point. we really are in the age of $70 games.



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