15-Minute Suicide Squad Footage Just Dropped

A screenshot shows an evil Superman with purple eyes and a menacing face.

Screenshot: WB Games / DC / Kotaku

Today, at Sony’s first State of Play event in 2023, we got a big look at one of the missions in the coming days. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League The game will be released later this year.

Sony’s latest State of Play (video events like Nintendo Direct) focused mostly on PS VR2 elements and third-party games. At the end of the event, WB Games and Cliff It showcased a new gameplay from an unprecedented mission. Suicide Squad.

WB Games / DC

during the journey on this mission Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark and Captain Boomerang. The Flash is corrupted by Brainiac and they must stop him to save Lex Luthor. To do this, they need to jump around a group, shooting a large number of enemies during the game, which reminds me a lot. oppressionalbeit not in a good way.

After all this (and after rescuing Luthor), the corrupt Flash attacks the group but is stopped by it. miracle woman Wielding the lasso of truth, he discovers that all apparently corrupt Justice League members must die in order to “save the world.”

Suicide Squad a live service looter shooter, it seems

in a second video Following the gameplay trailer, Rocksteady developers announced that this game takes place in the same world. arkham The games are something we already know, but we’ve mentioned that it’s happening half a decade from now. Arkham Knight.

Brainiac has taken over the world, and Amanda Waller basically enlists the Suicide Squad to help save the world from corrupt superheroes. We also got a look at Penguin, a side character who will assist the team in their fight against Brainiac.

WB Games / DC

The game is set in Metropolis, which the developers say feels very different from Gotham seen in Gotham. arkham games and past years Gotham Knights. (To be clear: Gotham Knights not connected arkham games or Suicide Squad.) According to Rocksteady, metropolis Suicide Squad Twice the size of Gotham City I foundN Batman: Arkham Knight.

We also learned that this game will have varying levels of loot and power, and yes… it sounds like one of those live service games where people are starting to get more and more tired. This has been rumored ever since the first screenshots of the game were leaked. and made it look like someone else Destiny– like online shooter. And now, that’s what it looks like. Rocksteady also confirmed that it will continue to update the game, adding new weapons, playable characters, and cosmetic-only battle tickets.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on May 26, 2023. Get excited?



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