The Film Critic Who Loved Tetris Never Heard of Tetris

I rarely get anything big out of people who don’t know about old games, movies, or comics. The world is huge, everyone has different life experiences, and it’s okay if people haven’t heard of every great game or movie you love. However, all of that flies out the window when I discover that someone has never heard of it before. Tetris. Because… come on. Her Tetris!

Tetris It is one of the most popular video games ever made. Since its legendary creation in the 80s, this awesome puzzle game about stacking and organizing falling blocks in different ways has appeared in some form on almost every device with a screen. Currently, the device you are reading this on can play Tetris. go ask your parents Tetris. They know what it is. may be not everyone Sure he has, but it’s hard to believe that a grown-up person with an internet connection or TV has never heard of the world-famous puzzle. And yet, the film critic Pete Hammond claims in his review. approaching Tetris film.

Currently in a new review Deadlinethe film critic Hammond begins by admitting that he has simply never acted. TetrisDidn’t know it existed before viewing the movie.

“Full disclosure: Sue me, but I’ve never played the iconic ’80s video game. TetrisI had never heard of this new movie before I came across it. Tetris”explained Hammond. “I realize that probably makes me a little weird for the generation of actors.”

No offense, sir, but that makes you, I suppose, odd for the 99 percent of adults who have access to the World Wide Web or the phone.


To be clear: I’m not here to bully Hammond. And please don’t bother the guy about it. I’m surprised, baffled, and confused how someone could go this far in life—even using the internet—and never hear a whisper about the best-known puzzle game ever. It seems almost impossible, maybe like a joke? But the rest of Hammond’s review is not only positive, but sincere. I think this guy has never really heard of this guy, incredibly. Tetris before.

kotaku reached out to Hammond for comment.

Mr Hammond, if you’re reading this, please know that I’m not trying to be mean. I just want to understand. I also definitely want you to create a Twitch account and livestream yourself while you play. Tetris first time. I would watch this in a heartbeat.

Tetris (movie, not game) Available to watch on Apple TV+ on March 31.



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