Ubisoft Leaves Influencer Over Racist Rainbow Six Siege ‘Pranks’

Castle from Rainbow Six Siege

Screenshot: Ubisoft

Publisher Thaqil, a Rainbow Six Siege The player, whom Ubisoft publishers deemed important enough to be mentioned with an in-game item at one point, was abandoned by the company after making a series of racist jokes on TikTok.

Like NME reportIn a series of videos posted on the site – since it was deleted – Thaqil made a number of comments about Castle, a black character in the game:

In a video, Thaqil portrays Castle. siege operator whose name begins with N. The content creator suddenly said that he would “escape” Castle in the “Kiss, Marry Prevention” game and said, “I think that’s pretty obvious because he’s black.”

In another video, the streamer was posing with a banana under Castle. siege symbol.

He also made a video referring to Castle and N-word, which Thaqil describes as “a tiktok challenge where I have to name an operator as fast as possible based on the random letter that appears on the screen”. well. L for Lion or Lesion etc. The letter N appeared on the screen and I said ‘Castle’.”

after his comments caught on social media Ubisoft acted quickly, saying “Thaqil’s recent posts on social media violate Ubisoft’s Code of Conduct” and “As a result, Thaqil will no longer be part of our content creators program and its appeal will be removed from Rainbow Six.” siege”.

Thaqil responded to his dismissal as follows: Sending a message on TwitterHere’s where he describes each “joke” attempt in detail before confessing:

I’ll be honest, I knew what I was doing and the joke I was about to make when it came to these challenges.

It was never my intention to be taken lightly or to promote racism in any way but looking back now, that’s what I did, so I apologize. My original intention was to be angry and make people laugh, but now I realize that my attempt at humor may seem insensitive and offensive, for which I am truly sorry.



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