Wrestling Prez Says Vid Game Is Over, But Its Developers Disagree

The behind-the-scenes drama in the professional wrestling world can eclipse theaters in the square circle. AEWThe lack of a release date for the upcoming video game is starting to weigh on fans.

AEW abbreviation All Elite WrestlingIt is a new wrestling promotion on TNT established in 2019. by his father Tony Khan owner NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars with professional wrestlers and vice presidents Kenny Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson and WWE superstar Cody Rhodes. AEW first announced the video game, AEW Fight Forever, in the second year of the promotion’s existence. While fans were excited about the idea, things have gone wrong in a few ways since then.

Recently, incompatibility has emerged in the form of a lack of internal consistency between the people involved in the making and promotion of the game. AEW chairman Tony Khan held a press conference after the incident. AEWPay-per-view to discuss recent match results and generate buzz about future stories. During this press conference, Khan was asked if fans should wait for an announcement about him. AEW Fight Forever’official release date.

Tony Khan, of the game “basically done”, but did not give a release date to the press.

“I can’t tell you the exact release date. “There’s a lot of stuff about that, and I don’t want to step on anyone with it,” Khan said. “Coming soon. Game over.”

The problem with Khan’s statement came when things seemed a bit contentious, aside from the fact that those who actually made the game disagreed. Per Hollenbo, senior community manager at THQ Nordic (known as Zyddie on Twitter), explained to online fans that Khan’s claim is not entirely true. In response to a post linked to Khan’s response, Hollenbo said, “So if you want an unfinished game, of course, we can publish it now.” At the end of his reply, Hollenbo said there were no reports. AEW Fight Forever 100% complete, “It’s nothing more than another rumor on Twitter.”

In a Twitter thread response to his followers, Hollenbo explained that he did not think Khan was “lying in any way or form” about him. AEW Fight Foreverhowever, there was a clear difference in how AEW president and THQ Nordic viewed a game that was finished. This is the latest in a longer drama series about the game, featuring the cover art of wrestler CM Punk having to shoot his portrayal after him. Backstage fight with Omega and Jacksons and the game has no release date.

What does it mean when a game is over?

AEW Games

talk to kotaku via email, Hollenbo explained that an ending game goes further than being playable at video game events such as: Gamescom 2022 or IGN Fan Festival 2023.

“For a publisher, a game isn’t complete until we set a 100% exact shipping date and release date. Development is only part of the big picture,” said Hollenbo.

Apart from playing great in test matches, Hollenbo said. AEW: Battle Forever to need:

  • Pass quality assurance tests
  • Localize in seven languages ​​(for AEW Fight Foreverthese languages ​​include: English, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese)
  • Be “Polished”
  • Has dealer and shipping agreements
  • Capture first-party platforms (i.e. PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch) and have all the unique requirements for those devices
  • Optimize on every platform
  • Have marketing and public relations plans
  • Get an ERSB degree

“Now if only ONE of them is unfinished, in a publisher’s eyes the game is not ready to ship because then the product is not as intended,” said Hollenbo.

Hollenbo went on to explain AEW Fight Forever it is being developed by the “three houses” as well as the companies that developed the game. These companies are Yukes, the Japanese studio behind it. WWE Destruction! And WWE 2K games, THQ Nordic and AEW.

Because AEW Fight Forever Hollenbo has three houses that have developed it, “everyone should agree and be happy with the outcome of each step,” he said.

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Last June, AEW wrestler Kenny Omega claimed AEW Fight ForeverThe original release was delayed after some content was “scaled back” to receive a Teen ESRB rating. The Fighting Choice. Previously, The Fighting Choice It was said that the game is scheduled to be released in 2022 and will be released later in February 2023.

when Kotaku reached out to THQ Nordic to comment on how far we’ve come AEW Fight Forever During the development process, THQ Nordic’s public relations team stated, “AEW: Battle Forever It will be published when finished.”

AEW Fight Forever‘s new cover image

AEW Games

despite AEW Fight Forever The sausage has been cooking for longer than fans had hoped, with AEW not slowing down when it came to creating hype for the game. early game footage YouTube channel is on AEW Games.

AEW Fight Forever first announced in November 2020. Since its announcement, AEW has intermittently released first images of the game and created a series of fake press conference videos about the game that parodied video game presentations like E3. On the contrary AEW Dynamite‘s comment team has repeatedly crammed pre-orders for the game on their “favorite consoles”, the only definitive news fans have received about the game is this: AEW Fight Forever It’s not the release date, it’s the game’s new cover art.

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Actually, AEW Fight ForeverThe cover art prominently featured returning wrestler CM Punk as the centerpiece of the game’s advertising campaign. However, following the backstage fight of CM Punk and fellow wrestlers Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and Omega, and the subsequent suspension of CM Punk, the game’s cover art is no longer featured on the cover. Instead, AEW’s current world champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, is at the center of the game. AEW Fight Forevercover. CM Punk is said to be open to returning to wrestling promotions. wrestling speech.

Time will tell if this wrestling rumor will lead to CM Punk’s return before AEW gives the video game a concrete release date.

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