Next Resident Evil Movie Releases It All, Fans Dig Absurdity

Normally I wouldn’t get too excited about something. resident Evil movie as both the live-action and CG entries aren’t great. But a new trailer for the upcoming Isle of Death it seems too crazy and fun to ignore. So, all your favorite resident Evil like heroes RE4Leon’s And RE3Jill’s— reunited to take down the zombie sharks. how can I do it Negative get excited about it?

CG animated movie Resident Evil: Isle of Death, first announced in FebruaryIt takes place after the events of 2015. Resident Evil 6 but before them Resident Evil 7 And Bay. It is a direct sequel to 2017’s CG movie. Resident Evil: Vendetta. Check it new trailer of the moviePublished April 11 and featuring Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Claire Redfield, and Leon S. Kennedy:

Kadokawa / Capcom

Yes, that’s basically it Resident Evil’return Avengerstakes all the previous characters and events and throws them into a blender, and then hits the “Cool Shit” button. I’m not angry at all. direct references Resident Evil 5, Revelation 2and the other resident Evil The games made me smile like a fanboy and the action looks silly and overdone. And I will confess: I see avengersIt’s like he got shot at the end the fact that all the heroes are fighting a big enemy made me clenched my fist a little bit.

What Isle of Death about and when is it coming out?

Here official Isle of Death Summary from Capcomvia IGN:

DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy, Dr. While on a mission to rescue Antonio Taylor from his kidnappers, a mysterious woman is after him. Meanwhile, BSAA agent Chris Redfield investigates a zombie outbreak in San Francisco where the cause of the infection cannot be determined. The only thing the victims have in common is that they recently visited Alcatraz Island. Following this clue, Chris and his crew head to the island where a new horror awaits them.

looks onlineyou can see The reactions to the new trailer are quite positive.with resident Evil fans posting clips and screenshots alongside exciting tweets. Especially, people seem really interested HE The last shot where all the heroes work together. And I can’t finish without mentioning it Chris Redfield’s gorgeous Hawaiian shirt seen halfway through the trailer. Capcom, make this a real appearance in the future resident Evil game please!

As for when to expect the movie, Capcom has so far only announced a release date in Japan: It will hit theaters there on July 7, 2023. CG resident Evil movies I played it in theaters in the UK and the US for a limited time before it was released digitally, so I expect something similar here. If Capcom follows a similar pattern as with past films, I’d expect it to hit US theaters in late July or early August and hit home releases shortly thereafter.



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