Real Madrid & Barcelona League Now Named From EA Sports

La Liga, Spain’s top professional football flight and home to some of the world’s biggest clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, signed a new sponsorship agreement that replaces its previous brand (“La Liga Santander”) and the league will now be known as LALIGA EA SPORTS.

Please note that capital letters are their idea, not mine. Probably Part of EA’s major effort to prepare people for this year’s Fifa EA Sports FC video game that will play the same as last year’s release but will be the first to fail to rely on decades of brand recognition.

This is all well and good for everyone involved, I’m sure hands were shaken and money exchanged, but this is not a business press release website. I don’t care what the best flight is, and EA Sports has been sponsoring major European football leagues in one form or another for years (they have multiple deals with the Premier League, including appearing in referee uniforms for example).

No, I’m here to talk to you. rebranding of the second division. Known as La Liga 2 or Segunda DivisiĆ³n depending on where you’re from, it will now be called (again their jerseys, not mine) LALIGA HYPERMOSION.

For those of you who haven’t had to read the bullet points of sports games press releases for the past few years, Hypermotion is EA’s system to try and sell. Fifa combined 11-by-11 motion capture with machine learning to experiment and improve physics and animation from the players in the game.

That’s the name of an entire league now. It’s not a video game company, not even a video game, plays or seeks a physics and animation system (mostly just empty PR calories, FIFA basically didn’t change the way) designed for a single videogame franchise where the benefits it brings are negligible at best year).

Of course, there is no one on the street. actually they’re going to call it that, everybody’s going to call it La Liga 2 or whatever they call it forever, but still. I look forward to EA expanding these genres. sponsorships, when next season’s Championship is renamed THE FROSTBITE LEAGUE.



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