Overwatch 2 Plans More Changes to Lifeweaver

lifeguard found in extreme observation 2 for a little less than a month and the plant-based support hero has already had some pretty significant rework. both the control scheme and its capabilities. Personally, I’ve had a much better experience with the character since its last update, but it looks like Blizzard is planning more changes as it tries to figure out where the character should fit in the popular hero shooter.

Inside a new post on more observations Web site, director Aaron Keller talked about the team’s mindset regarding the progression of Lifeweaver. Although they have made some improvements for him recovery output (now has one of the higher up in the game), the team says that changes like narrowing the spread in his offensive alternate fire Thorn Volley didn’t have much of an impact on the kill rate. On the bright side, he also has one of the lowest death rates of any support hero, so I’m glad to hear you all. you took my advice and stay away from the fight.

Keller says the team is still trying to better understand Lifeweaver’s intended role in the game, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to do since joining that cast. Before Lifeweaver, baptist And Brigitte These were the characters I would support depending on the build of my team and the type of map, but Lifeweaver feels like this very situational character I play mostly just because it’s new, I love him as a character and his kit is fun. the benefit objectively feels better than other options.

Petal Platform that raises the player to a high place or controversial Life GripAttracting an ally to Lifeweaver’s position is best used in a coordinated team. The problem is that most online randos don’t understand or care how they can create effective games, and many seem to want their support players to act like healing bots rather than leaning towards more diverse support abilities. My teammates and I sometimes feel like I don’t know how to coordinate around Lifeweaver, so I can understand why Blizzard hopes to make its ideal role clearer in Season 5.

Keller continued:

When it comes to future changes for Lifeweaver, here’s what we think. We want it to be clearer why players might choose Lifeweaver over other heroes. If your current hero selection isn’t working for some reason (whether it’s the map or enemy team composition), what’s a strong incentive to switch to Lifeweaver? Along the way, we may make other changes, such as slightly boosting Spike Release and reducing hit volumes, but ultimately we will have changes that aim to further emphasize Lifeweaver’s strengths and clearly define its role in your team. This could be to put more emphasis on healing effectiveness through a new passive, or to add additional benefits to some of his benefit-oriented abilities. When it comes to a defensive hero, we have to be careful how far we go in terms of powering up raw healing and defensive abilities – going too far can negatively disrupt the overall flow of the conflict. These are some of the first things we iterate, we hope our next changeset is ready for Season 5.

Even when Lifeweaver debuted, I thought he would be a character who would evolve greatly over time, similar to Symmetra, whose move set has changed multiple times since its original release. more observationslaunch. As someone who has already spent more than a dozen hours on Lifeweaver, I hope it helps him become the influential support character everyone wants him to be, no matter what. extreme observation 2besieged support players can actually use some wins.



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