Resident Evil 4 Recreated In Lego Form Looks Great

At the end of this month, Resident Evil 4big, fancy version of It’s coming to consoles and PC. And it looks great! However, someone has remade the game’s iconic opening as a Lego video game, and now I want to play this different but great looking rendition. RE4 redo it.

Launched in 2005, Resident Evil 4 It took the long-running horror series from Capcom in a new direction. played by Leon Resident Evil 2, This beloved sequel ditched the old entrances’ static cameras and tank controls and shifted to an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective while boosting the action. The result was an outstanding game that I still consider (and buy) after all these years. And a new video shows what happens if you take the same basic setup and replace the dirty maps and realistic visuals with loads of digital Lego bricks.

Cara Aleatorio / Capcom

created by Black Aleatorioclearly “LEGO RESIDENT EVIL 4 ANIMATION” may not win any awards, literally because of its name, but everything else about this short video is great. Aleatorio is from the original game in the video uploaded yesterday (not the upcoming remake or final demo) to recreate the first few minutes RE4.

And it’s not just a reenactment of cutscenes. Instead, Aleatorio actually features Lego-ifed gameplay where Leon wanders around and shoots birds and enemies alike. The pistol he’s using isn’t a real Lego piece as far as I can tell, but I’ll let that slide because it looks so good and feels appropriately Lego-y. I also appreciate all the little details featured in the video, such as how the laser can be seen projecting nearby Lego bricks and pieces. Or the tiny fingerprints and scratches seen on some bricks. Sometimes this looks like it’s made with real bricks!

But according to Aleatorio this was actually created digitally in Blender. They say it took about two months and 3000 views to create the short four-minute video. And at the very end of the short film, you can see some behind-the-scenes footage of them hand-playing this awesome Lego game.

Now we need to convince everyone involved to approve and build a Lego version. Resident Evil 4 so I can spin and kick a maniacal villager using the minifigure version of Leon. Until then, I think I’ll be happy with the upcoming remake coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and PC on March 24. I guess that’s good too…



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