War Thunder ‘Reviews’ Economy, Fans’ Comment Bombs The Game To Hell

online vehicle shooter Battle Lightning It recently made some changes to the way its economy works, and the game’s players are so upset that they not only bombarded the game to hell and back, but the developers had to buy it. oversize apologetic actions in response.

Basically, it’s a game that has become increasingly pay-to-win over the years—as well as becoming a dumping ground for state secrets– recently implemented economy changes that make it even more difficult to get anything from the game – especially progress – if you are not spending real money on a regular basis.

Tired of exploitation, players did one of several things available to them: they went to Steam, left negative feedback, shared posts. thousands messages protesting the changes and attacking developers Gaijin. At the time of release, the game’s Steam review section looked like this:

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The most popular negative review sums it up nicely:

I didn’t want to leave a negative comment, but Gaijin’s blatant disdain for his own players compelled me.

War Thunder is a game like no other, with an extensive damage system, combo weapons, and a variety of beautifully modeled tanks, planes, and ships.

Unfortunately, this “unique” has left Gaijin with little real competition over the years. What started out as a “free-to-play” game has become less and less free over time. Gaijin continues to add factions and vehicles while also increasing repair costs and lowering RP/SL earnings. Premium account is no longer enough to progress comfortably, now you also have to buy premium vehicles from each country.

For new players reading this, Gaijin recently admitted that they are balancing free tools around a negative SL income for average players. This means they WANT you to lose money by playing, so you will have to buy a premium premium vehicle.

In response, Gaijin canceled the most recent and punitive economic changes – but that would do little to reverse the gradual trend that has already alienated many long-time players – and issued one of the saddest apology statements I’ve ever seen:

Dear players,

First of all, we would like to extend our most sincere apologies to each of you. We deeply regret that our actions have disappointed you and that we have not adequately addressed the concerns you have raised over time. We share your passion for the game and we regret that our decisions did not meet your expectations.

Over the past week, we have painstakingly analyzed the feedback you have provided. We acknowledge and acknowledge your concerns regarding the balance of the economy (Silver Lions and Research Points) and modification research. Therefore, we have prioritized addressing these issues as our immediate concern.

We are in the process of creating a plan to address these issues. While we have initially made some progress in understanding the extent of these issues and possible solutions, we plan to present a more detailed roadmap by June 14.

We understand the urgency you feel to implement the changes, and we can assure you that we share your enthusiasm. However, given the scale and complexity of a project like War Thunder, it takes some time to ensure that the changes we make are both effective and beneficial for the player experience.

We’re also constantly reviewing the wide variety of other feedback and suggestions we receive. Rest assured, these are important to us and will be addressed, but the economy and progress of the game remains our top priority right now.

We are truly sorry for the disappointment and frustration we have caused. We commit to you that we will do everything we can to improve the game and regain your trust.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. We value your continued support and dedication to the game we all love.

I would argue that listening now is listening too late. Obviously this playerbase is fed up with this bullshit and has been angry for a while. A lot long timeand rolling back a number of changes will do little to address the fundamental flaws in the game’s core design, which is what really pisses people off.

Changing the severity and timing of the compression does nothing when it’s the compression itself that players are so upset about.

As a further precaution, players are now Plans a boycott on May 26 other Planning a “seal-stick day” on May 25 to “release new players” might not be such a good idea or outlook..



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