Chapter 1’s PC Port Isn’t Well Right Now

what’s left of us– a zombie apocalypse game, you may have heard of – finally released on PC this week. This is good news for those who haven’t been able to play the game on various PlayStation consoles in its last three versions, but the bad news is that the game isn’t at its best, at least at launch.

The game had a positive rating of only 33% on Steam at the time of release, this figure and time frame have little to do with the quality of the game and it’s all about the state the game is in. but they boil down to a few common problems such as:

freezes: The game crashes in all sorts of random places, sometimes by itself, sometimes taking Steam (or the whole PC) with it.

CTD: The game constantly crashes to the desktop for many users.

Yield: Gamers complain that the game puts too much pressure on the CPU rather than the GPU, and as a result, their performance isn’t as smooth as they should be for their system.

mouse stuttering: Now that’s funny. It seems that using keyboard + mouse causes stuttering. Using a gamepad eliminates this. So is there a performance boost based on control? Wild (this is also reported undiscovered ports too).

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Some of my favorite Steam reviews include:

Wow this goes like shit

Worst PC port I’ve ever seen. I waited 10 years for the game, all the videos to watch, reviews, spoilers etc. Creating shaders for almost 2 hours crashes on main menu every 5 minutes while rendering shaders.

Terrible optimization. The game requires more than 8 gigs of VRAM at medium settings, 100% CPU usage in the menu. And the temps are really high too. Probably will be returning soon.

Pre-purchased and pre-installed. It started as soon as it was ready. I went to settings. It turns out that this game consumes about 10GB of VRAM at 1440p max settings (the game has the settings set to max by default). I’m using an RTX 3080 Ti with 12GB of VRAM, beware. I’ve never been able to get past the menu screen, which always crashes when the game displays a notification in the bottom right corner that says ‘THE SHADOW IS DOING’.

While we expect these things to be fixed (or at least improved) in the coming months, it’s starting to be disappointing as many of Sony’s major PlayStation ports face performance issues on PC. Horizon It sucked undiscovered this suffered from many of the same issues (same studio, Iron Galaxy was responsible for both ports) and now this. Of course, there is the courage to be found there as well—Horizon It overcame its initial struggles to be a very good experience on PC – but those bad first impressions aren’t helping anyone.

Regardless, Naughty Dog responded to the issues as follows:

The Last of Us Part I PC players: We’ve heard your concerns and our team is actively investigating the many issues you’ve reported. We’ll keep updating you, but our team is prioritizing updates and will address issues in future patches.



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