If Kirby Swallows A Sexy Guy, He Won’t Turn Into A Sexy Guy

Disturbing close-up of Kirby's mouth

picture: Nintendo

The whole point of Kirby is that he has a huge mouth and can either absorb his powers or transform anything he swallows. into. If he swallows Mario to shatter If he fights, he gets a red hat. More recently, if he puts a car in his mouth, it turns into a car.

It’s a good gameplay idea, but it also raises questions. What if Kirby swallows a whisk? Or a hammer drill? What if he swallowed something dangerous or (possibly) something shaped to cause his viscous internal organs to bend in a way that hurt him?

Or, -most More importantly, what if he puts someone hot in his mouth? At least that last question was answered at GDC last week and was answered in the most precise way possible by Shinya Kumazaki, executive director of HAL Lab. I’m telling Polygon:

You showed superheroes with Kirby at GDC. Are these personalized versions of Kirby? Or are they Kirby-inspired superheroes?

Kumazak: This was so that the audience could understand what kind of hero Kirby thinks of when he thinks of a hero. So it is not personalized.

An old colleague (Megan Farokhmanesh from Wired) joined the GDC panel with me and got shot by the superhero Kirby. He asked an important question: If Kirby swallowed a hot guy, would he turn into a hot guy?

Kumazak: I think your friend may have noticed the muscles and strength depicted. I think Kirby’s talent would fit that well. And he would probably have a hat associated with it. But his face wasn’t going to turn into a hot Kirby.

Not sharp angles.

Kumazak: It’s still round.

No sharp angles. It’s still round. But he has a hat. Not available-I was hoping for more of a “Handsome Squidward” effect here.— but also what we should have probably expected given the history of the series and the character.

You should definitely go and read the whole interview.“Will Kirby ever fall in love?” and “If you cut Kirby open, what would it look like inside?” Because it covers similar burning questions like



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