Super Mario Bros. Star Chris Pratt ‘Totally Takes’ All The Hate

Ever since Mario and Universal announced that Chris Pratt would be voicing Mario soon. Super Mario Brothers. filmThe internet is in a state of shock, confusion and anger. Mostly anger. And while there are some legitimate reasons for not liking Pratt or the cast, the star doesn’t seem phased and even says she gets it.

Super Mario Brothers MovieReleased on April 5, it follows New York plumber Mario and Luigi, who transport themselves to the magical Mushroom Kingdom and get involved in a war against Bowser. As the upcoming animated movie gets closer to release, there’s a lot of hype surrounding it. While the overall reaction to the movie’s trailers and marketing has been positive, feedback from fans surrounding Chris Pratt as Mario has been positive. definitely more negative. It seems Pratt attributes all this to passionate fans who don’t want the creators to ruin the movie.

in an interview with io9 Released on March 29Pratt was asked how he felt about the angry backlash about the cast. A man with more money than he’ll ever need and a lot of media training, Pratt responded like a pro, avoiding the real reasons many were upset and instead suggesting that people really, really care about Mario.

Oh I totally get it [the criticisms and confusion]man,” said Pratt io9. “He has a passionate fan base and I am one of his fans. I understand For the most part, people don’t want something like this to be ruined.”

Why do some people really hate Chris Pratt?

This “mostly” does some heavy lifting, as many people online were unhappy not only because Pratt was ubiquitous, but because he was in more than one movie franchise, including other animated films. lego movie– or that she doesn’t seem like the right person for the role, but also because of Pratt’s background and connections to a questionable church, as we announced last year:

But why do some people really hate having Pratt the new face of Hollywood as the game’s number one mascot? It probably has to do with the fact that he was accused of going to a church (Zoe Church). Associated with anti-LGBTQ bigotry Another church modeled after (Hillsong). Hillsong was accused of engaging in gay conversion therapy and his pastor said the church did not approve of the “gay lifestyle”.

“His church is infamously anti-lgbtq,” said Elliot Page. tweeted in 2019 Pratt spends shillings on The Lego Movie 2 while displaying his spiritual goodness on late night television. pratt replied “Nothing can be further from the truth,” he said, adding that the doors of his church are “absolutely open to all”.

But according to Pratt, for the most part, it’s just people who are “valuable” to the franchise. “They are careful. And for that I am grateful.”

On the other hand, apparently Pratt thinks Nintendo is releasing the classic Midway arcade game. spy hunterAnd he wants a movie based on it. Good luck with that, dude. Rock tried and failed a long time ago. If you want to hear more from the world’s newest Mario, Check out the full interview here io9.



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