RIP To Waypoint, A Good Website About Video Games

in 2016 assistant He opened a website called waypointwhich the company hopes will be a “comprehensive dive into the culture, passion and politics of gaming.” He did this, then a little and then even kicked More donkey and will be gone in June 2023.

As anyone who reads the site (or listens to their podcasts) will tell you, waypoint was different. Unlike almost all other major gaming sites, this site you’re reading right now, waypoint He wasn’t interested in constantly updating, release date delays or industry antics, or blogging after blogging about the latest developments. scandal. It’s a website (and podcasts and other related community material) designed to treat video games with the respect they deserve (and often don’t), and it’s always been good, always thoughtful, always a hotbed for writing, discussion, and criticism. fair.

“There are tons of targets in game environments that do a great job of whether a game is worth the money or not.” waypoint original editor-in-chief Austin Walker said during the site’s announcement. “Gamers looking for this coverage are well served.”

“Instead, we want to focus on telling stories about why people play it and investigating how the games we love and spend so much time on came to be. Whether a game was a commercial success or had a small, private community, we want to raise the conversation and explore how these worlds are built. we want to take an in-depth look at passion, people and politics.

Hired very good writers and reporters – I have to Admit it, many of them work here too, from Patrick Klepek to Gita Jackson to Renata Price. kotaku— but you also gave voice to journalists and critics did not have It gave their unique piece a great platform that they couldn’t otherwise have in an industry where big sites are often dominated by previews and developer talks.

It was part of Vice though, an absolute shit show of a company whose death and financial troubles have been widely documented. And as we learn today, it is as unfortunate as it is inevitable. waypoint It was closed on June 2, when the curtain came down.

“I’m not sure where to start other than to say with equal anger and sadness that Waypoint is over”, waypoint Patrick Klepek wrote on Twitter earlier today. “The team, myself included, has been terminated by VICE, and our last day of running the website, podcasts and streams will end on June 2nd.”

This also sucks, as it always sucks when a good selling point that does well, performs well, and entertains readers is closed, not because it “fails” but because Adults in the Room once again proves they can’t operate. A media company that does good and important work and its employees will suffer as a result.

waypoint closing, hot on heels launcher The shutdown earlier this year was another blow to serious video games coverage and criticism.and leaves the entire field weaker than it was a year ago (while weaker than a year ago). HE, etc., etc.). as a whole The concept of an ad-supported internet starts to creak and explode and shows signs of imminent structural collapse, every website you read for free right now is at risk of ending up exactly the same. waypointand exactly launcherand good deeds (and often financially successful ones) that can and do, but are at the mercy of their owners and are ruthless. economic framework that will tear us all apart.

I wish nothing but the best for all those affected, and I want to thank them for the wonderful work they have done over the years.



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